Neighbourly Notes – 10 March 2022

SO load-shedding has returned, shortly after Eskom’s approved tariff hike was announced that will add yet another burden to the public. Stage 4 came as a surprise to Ndlambe residents and businesses when it was announced on Wednesday morning, but as we have become cynical about such things, the powers-that-be had probably planned it all along. They prepared us for the loadshedding experience again with stage 2 and then hit us with stage 4. It has been written about many times before, but Eskom has been impoverishing us while its executives have enriched themselves, and faced no consequences for their gross mismanagement. Like other state-owned enterprises, it is a disaster. But while we can live without the Post Office or SAA, there is no alternative to Eskom for the vast majority of people who do not have the means to establish a lifestyle off the grid. Even the temporary use of generators comes at enormous cost. And government has shown no real will to tackle the plague of electricity theft, or refusal to p y for service. One video still doing the rounds on social media is the raid by SAPS, Tshwane municipal employees and Eskom in Soshanguve, showing a staggering network of illegal connections to a substation with its doors broken open. How was it allowed to get that far? As dangerous as it is, it takes some skill to make all those illegal connections. And everyone who benefits from an illegal connection is complicit in the harm done both to the power grid, and to residents and businesses who pay for their electricity every month.

ANOTHER year has passed, so it is time to wish the following folk having a special day in the week ahead, a very happy and healthy birthday and fortunate year ahead. Good wishes to Jean van der Merwe, Allan Davies, Tosca van Rooyen, Angela Rowe, Lillian Scheepers, Wade Mitton, Betty Rivett, Lorna Clayton, Pam Elliott, Christopher Whitham, George Petzer, Cathy Yeomans, Clair Meiring, Giselle Brickhill, Angelique Adcock, Jody Chowles, Wendy Mitten, Matthew Strydom, Nicole Sullivan, Mercedes Biller, Jasmin Kruger, Francois Fourie, Joan van Niekerk, Anne Williams, Kate Heny, Julia Jamieson, Maureen Edlmann, Margaret Proctor, Ivan Schafer, Ken Butler, Elsabe Wiseman, Stella Reijman, NatashaPawley, Noel Anderson, Gayle Barnardt, Charl Waters, Lauren Kruger, Lizanda Hilpert, John Hughes, Bettine Hattingh, Ian Macpherson, Gert van derMerwe, Deon Stander, Jill Mitchell, Dee Jones-Phillipson, MarennaSpieker, John Barnes, AngieWaller, Katherine Clayton, Guy Wessels, Sven Grimbeek, Bradley Fick, Phumla Mxuma, Renata Mouton, Meryl Baker.

FURTHER success and congratulations to all businesses who are celebrating an anniversary at this time. Congratulations to Hi-Tech Security.

INTERNATIONAL conflicts make the markets turn and turn again, with the Rand coming out stronger against the Pound and Euro this week. Meanwhile the oil price is skyrocketing. With last year’s figures in brackets for comparison, the Rand was trading at R15.19 (R15.39) to the Dollar, R19,92 to the Pound (R21.41) and R16,57 to the Euro (R18.33). In the commodities department, gold was trading at $2,043.70 per fine ounce ($1,708.94), platinum was trading at $1,163.00 ($1,159.76) with Brent crude oil at of $130.55 ($67.69) per barrel.

BEST wishes for many more and congratulations to all couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries this week, especially Peter and Mauneen Charter, Andrew and Wendy Cock, Colin and Louise Wiggett, David and Kim Wilson, Quinton and Paula Fick, Ian and Marion Macpherson, Gordon and June Sheasby.

THOUGHT for the week: “Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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