Riparian area, jetties cost owners

I HAD to have a giggle at the whiny little dig at the riparian owners in Van der Riet and elsewhere.

A couple of facts for you to ponder:

  • The municipality decided years ago that they were not interested in the towpath and it deteriorated into a mini-jungle.
  • We could not get them to regularly mow so we took to doing it ourselves either via a garden service or on our own – bottom line, we pay!
  • If it were not for our continuous maintenance of the public open space, you would have the weeds a metre high and filled with duwweltjies – we pay!
  • Most of us use weed-killer regularly to keep the grass alive and the thorns dead – we pay!
  • The jetties that you want to use were built and paid for by us. The municipality is not interested and I don’t blame them as upkeep is awful – bottom line, we pay!
  • The jetties have gates to prevent kids from playing on them and possibly falling off and being injured. If we’re sued – we pay!
  • We are not keen on people using the jetties as they leave the gates open and the wind then breaks the gate – we pay!
  • On top of that they leave all their muck on the jetty, including old bait, hooks, rocks and the like.
  • I do agree that the rotten jetties should be repaired or removed.

So now you know.

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