Clamp down on drinking in public

THE ACDP in Ndlambe is very concerned about the lack of law enforcement being applied to drinking in public places.

Has the municipality applied to the Eastern Cape Liquor Board for a licence to permit public consumption of alcohol at the Krantz and on the beaches? As far as we understand, alcohol is only allowed to be consumed in licensed premises and in the privacy of your own home.

Anywhere else can and should be policed. According to the Eastern Cape Liquor Act 10/2003 Section 3 Item 59 e), “No person may consume liquor in any road, street, lane or thoroughfare or on a vacant land adjacent thereto, in an urban area, or other area subdivided by such into erven or plots”.

Another area of concern is pedestrian safety. The Krantz is on a main road with no
fence to stop pedestrians who have consumed large amounts of alcohol crossing
the road and causing major accidents. For the safety of the people the Krantz should
be fenced off as this will make policing and crowd control in the area easier.

The residents of the area have not been taken into consideration. It is all well
and fine blocking off entry to the area for vehicles, but people urinate and defecate
on residents’ lawns and walls. Litter also gets dumped over the fences and
walls of private residences.

We appreciate that the SAPS and municipal workers have a challenging time
during the season trying to manage the problems, but by not arresting people for these things it makes them think they are allowed to do it.

We ask the municipality, which gives permission and which has created these
dangerous recreational sites that are not lawfully enclosed, what is the benefit
to the Ndlambe community in allowing these activities?

Does it give us marketing capabilities as a holiday destination or tourist attraction? Is it a safe place for people to live? Because it certainly is not financially viable. It will only create more work for the police, traffic officers, medics, hospitals and spending millions on cleaning the area with ratepayers’ money.

We encourage residents to consider proactive measures to assist the municipality
and SAPS during this difficult time rather than criticise and berate. We need to work together as a community to find viable solutions to these difficult and challenging issues that will benefit all those affected and not just those wanting to party and make money from the sale of alcohol.

We therefore will work towards the fact that by-laws must be put in place by next
season, so that there can be no excuses, as mentioned in last week’s TotT, for the
safety of the campers in the Krantz and the people in the vehicles passing by.