Vicious assault linked to alleged gangster activity

ALLEGATIONS of violence have been raised surrounding the activities of a small group of alleged gang members operating in Station Hill, with suspected ties to members of SAPS.


A woman who made the initial accusation was corroborated by the sister of a man who was recently brutally assaulted with a panga and knives.

“There is a gang in Station Hill responsible for all the crap, assault, drug dealing, but they don’t get arrested even now that there’s a case of assault GBH opened against them,” said TotT’s initial source, who asked for her identity to be kept confidential as she fears being targeted.

“I just got word that going to [Station Commander Colonel Lizette] Zeelie with this won’t help because it hasn’t helped anyone, especially in the case of this gang leader and his guys,” our source said.

She further reported that the group attacks its victims and then lays charges against those victims, who have in both reported incidents been arrested and jailed, while alleged gang members walk free.

Two weeks ago, it was reported to TotT that members of this alleged gang attacked Station Hill resident Philasande Jam-Jam, who was taken to hospital and treated for multiple stab wounds.

According to his sister, Vuyokazi Jam-Jam, her brother Philasande was walking home on the afternoon of March 8 when eight men jumped out of a van and started attacking him. The incident was captured on a security camera in Wharf Street and TotT has seen the footage. We saw Philasande walking along the street when a green vans pulls up in front of him and a person gets out and runs toward him. Philasande started running then stood his ground, at which point the other man strikes him with a panga. Then Philasande runs off screen.

Vuyokazi told TotT her brother ran and knocked on doors for help, but more assailants joined the first attacker and stabbed him. Vuyokazi said her brother had been stabbed three times: in the face, with a panga, and in the back and neck with knives. He received treatment at hospital and then opened a case with the police on March 9.

The following day, Vuyokazi said two of the alleged gangsters who were part of the assault on Philasande arrived at the family home with a detective, who arrested Philasande on the account of the two alleged gagsters. They claimed Philasande had stabbed the one and pulled a gun on the other.  Vuyokazi was outraged that the police acted more swiftly against her brother than in reaction to his original report to the police.

SAPS provincial spokesman Captain Khaya Tonjeni confirmed two cases had been opened. He said a case of assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm was opened against Philasande Jam-Jam on March 8, and that Philasande Jam-Jam had laid a charge of attempted murder against the man who attacked him with a panga.

Both men appeared in court on March 23 and the case will be back in court on April 19.