Scarves and beanies: can you help?

Keeping our neighbours warm this winter

TALK of the Town is embarking on a new charity drive, inspired by Adele Cutten, the owner of Adele’s Mohair, to give scarves and beanies to those in need over this winter period.

She was inspired by an article in SA Country Life, and wanted to do something similar.

“…Talk of the Town [should] run this, and get people to follow up on this for the hundreds of people in Port Alfred who would just love to have a scarf,” said Cutten.

She added that she would donate a number of scarves, “to get the ball rolling”.

TotT is therefore asking for donations of scarves and beanies for those in need this winter. They may be dropped off at the TotT offices between now and June 15, when we will organise for them to be displayed at the krantz in Port Alfred for collection by those who would like a scarf.

So, if you are an avid knitter, or you just want to try your hand, please knit a scarf or a beanie and bring it to our offices during working hours, or else contact us for collection. Donors will have their names mentioned in the paper.

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