No Rest In New Rest: Tactically Fed Up


New Rest residents have again barricaded the R67 outside Thorn Hill to show in protest for housing, which they have been promised 17 years ago.

Today, residents set up four barricades along the R67 in protest to not having heard back from the Municipality regarding agreement reached at last week’s protest outside the Titi Jones Multipurpose Hall.

Last week, the community gave the municipality seven working days in which to bring solutions to the table regarding having no sustainable housing.

On appealing to the Municipality, community leader and spokesperson Sibusio Zweni shared motivational words to the gathered constituency from the New Rest settlement area.

We’re not doing this to make this town chaotic, and become like bandits, we just want homes

“We’re not doing this to make this town chaotic, and become like bandits, we just want homes,” Zweni said. “We want them (the municipality) to hear our message.”

“We’re giving you (the municipality and Human Settlement) seven days to give us an answer, and address us,” Zweni said. “It’s been 17 years, and we are demanding now. If this demand is not met, we’re doing this again.”

This was also shown today; after the barricades were established, protesting residents sat down in the face of advancing police officers, signifying that they are protesting peacefully.

“It’s hard to live under a tent, it’s hard to live in water,” said community leader Sibusiso Zwani. “I’m begging you, my people, not to become complacent. Yes, we need reduced unemployment, increase in skills training, new crèches and schools and health facilities being built, however we’re here today to emphasize that we need houses.”

There were no municipality spokespeople present at this protest gathering today, however last week Mayor Phindile Faxi spoke on the practicality of seven days.

“It’s sore and heartbreaking that this is our situation,” Faxi said. “I am mayor of the whole Ndlambe; I’m the first citizen, and I am listening to you, eQuawa: this is our home.

“Seven days is too little, however it gives us time in which to work. The issue of housing in Ndlambe is hard.”

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