Too cute for words: Kids made famous by social media

Social media is creating instant stars; parents posting videos and pictures of their talented, cute and intelligent kids not excluded.

Blue-eyed-twins.jpg 1. Blue eyed twins Megan and Morgan

The colour of the twins eyes has made them an Internet sensation at the age of four. Megan has two blue eyes, and Morgan has one blue eye and one brown eye. The twins, who live in Philadelphia, began to gain attention after modeling for their mom, Stephanie Boyd, on Instagram and noh have more than 341,000 followers.

2. Opinionated Taylor from KZN

A three-year-old Durban toddler, Taylor Morrison, became famous when her ‘naughty corner’video went viral on Facebook.  The video received 1.6 million views and over 39,000 shares on Facebook.

3. The McClure twins

The McClure twins, Ava and Alexis, became famous with a video that shows the moment Alexis realised that her twin sister Ava was one minute older than her.

4. Mateo Beltran – ‘Listen, Linda, Listen’

Mateo became famous at the age of three in a Youtube video where he begs his mom for a cupcake.

5. Ardi Rizal: Two year old Indonesian boy with a 40-a-day cigarette habit 

Ardi Rizal shocked the world when a photograph of the two-year-old smoking went viral.

6.  Trey Hart – ‘Exasperated’ boy

Trey became famous when his mom took a video of his reaction to her becoming pregnant for the third time. “What was you thinking? Why you want to get another baby, you just had two?…”

7. Emotional baby cries when mother sings

She was just 10 months old when the video of her emotional reaction to her mom’s singing went viral. The video has received over 40 million views.

8. Girl tells divorced parents to be friends

At the age of six, this little girl touched the world by asking her mom to be friends with her dad after they got divorced. Such wisdom!

9. Hadley refused to wish grandfather happy Fathers day – ‘He aint my father’

Steve Harey invited Hadley onto his show after a video went viral after the toddler refused to wish her ‘pawpaw’ happy Fathers day.

10. DJ Arch Jnr

DJ Arch Jnr at the age of three shot to stardom by becoming the youngest winner of TV talent show SA’s Got Talent in 2015 for his DJ skills. Arch has previously played alongside international ‘godfathers of house’ music‚ Roger Sanchez‚ David Morales and Todd Terry, as well as South African DJs DJ Ganyani‚ Bob Mabena‚ DJ Mbuso Phezulu‚ Sishisoul and Fistaz Mixwell.