Possibility of snow on Eastern Cape highground

Updated Snow Forecast: 22 -23 June 2017, according to http://snowreport.co.za

Source: www.snowreport.co.za

The site forecasts that the cold front is still on track to arrive in the Western Cape during the early hours of Thursday morning.

“By midday, we expect light snow to have fallen on the extreme high peaks in the SWC, and these falls are likely to continue into the evening whilst spreading eastwards over almost all the high mountains of the Western Cape. A light dusting is also possible during the afternoon in the Northern Cape around Sutherland.

During Thursday night, as the cold front moves east, snow will now become possible over the Eastern Cape high ground as indicated on the map, with a slightly heavier (up to 10cm) fall possible over the high ground around Hogsback. A new development with this system is a slight chance of some light falls in the KZN Midlands during Friday morning. These KZN falls are unlikely to settle much if they do happen and will be very light.”


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