Cattle problem requires cooperation by all parties

PORT Alfred police rounded up and temporarily impounded 24 stray cattle that were wandering along Albany Road on Sunday night, but getting them to the pound in Alexandria was another challenge.

Cattle temporarily impounded at the Port Alfred police station Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Police complained that they had no suitable place to place the cattle, and that they were not in a position to feed or even water the animals.

Police spokeswoman Captain Mali Govender admitted that the animals were a problem for the police.

“We do not have the facilities required to keep these animals in a suitable way. We need the municipality to take control of the system for transporting and impounding the animals,” Govender said.

As far as could be seen, none of the impounded cattle had any identifying marks; either tags or any form of branding, thereby making the job of identifying the owners practically impossible.

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