Arts Festival to move to Victoria Girls playing fields

The Grahamstown National Arts Festival, organised by the Grahamstown Foundation attracts over 50 000 people each year and is South Africa’s biggest arts and culture festival to date. Arts, music, theatre and crafts take centre stage and over 500 different performances, ranging from music to dance and opera are put on display.

Although some reports indicate less feet this year through the Village Green, the last two days were reported to be buzzing with visitors who browsed the stalls and enjoyed some of the yummy eats and treats in the food court. Festival organisers have said that there are plans to move the Grahamstown National Arts Festival  market, which hosts about 300 traders, crafters, food vendors and artists during the course of the 11-day Festival, off Rhodes University’s campus to the playing fields of Victoria Girls High School in Beaufort Street.


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