PA Hospital to operate radiology service in-house

PORT Alfred residents expressed concern on Facebook when reports emerged suggesting that the Nalithemba Port Alfred Hospital would lose its radiology department.

Nalithemba Port Alfred Hospital Picture: NETCARE

Although the current radiology service provider, Bayradiology, will discontinue their service, Port Alfred Hospital will be running its own in-house radiology department from September 1 and will not discontinue services.

“Our radiology service provider, Bayradiology recently informed us they would be discontinuing their services and as a result, we will be operating the radiology service in-house as from 1 September. We are at present advertising positions for radiographers and radiology receptionists as part of the process of appointing radiology staff in order to continue providing the full spectrum of radiology services,” said clinical services manager of Nalithemba Port Alfred Hospital, Marianne Stiglingh.

Nalithemba Port Alfred Hospital opened its doors February 2009, as a public-private partnership (PPP) healthcare facility serving both medical aid and public sector patients; it has become an intrinsic part of the greater Port Alfred community.

According to Stiglingh, the hospital has brought many benefits to the local community – not only by providing much needed healthcare services, but also through the provision of jobs and business opportunities

“It is particularly meaningful that Nalithemba Port Alfred Hospital features public and private facilities side by side, with a number of shared services. Another exciting aspect of the hospital is that it is making a meaningful, long-term contribution to the development of the region.”

The modern, 31-bed Nalithemba Port Alfred Hospital has a state-of-the-art theatre as well an extended radiology facility. It also includes a 24-bed general ward.

“Since opening its doors, the hospital has drawn high praise from patients throughout the community for the quality of its healthcare services. We are particularly proud of the fact that the hospital has maintained a zero percent hospital-acquired infection rate through the years,” adds Stiglingh.

According to Stiglingh the orthopaedic surgery centre situated at the hospital, continues to serve the needs of the community with two specialist orthopaedic surgeons, namely Dr Rocco De Villiers and Dr Rory Harvey from Cape Town, performing orthopaedic replacement surgery including arthroscopic shoulder surgery, knee and hip replacements as well as general orthopaedic surgery at the hospital. The surgeons are supported by an experienced surgical team and anaesthetists.

“Nalithemba Port Alfred Hospital presents many advantages for the surrounding communities, the most obvious being improved access to quality medical treatment in their immediate vicinity. It means that patients in need of many specialised treatments do not have to travel to one of the larger city centres as they now have access to premier quality healthcare facilities close to home,” concludes Stiglingh.

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