Mercedes-Benz takes an unplanned swim in the Kowie

Three visitors from the North West Province had their Port Alfred holiday end on a bit of a wet note when their white Mercedes-Benz went for a swim in the Kowie River around 2am on Saturday morning.

The details of what happened are still unclear for now, but unnamed sources said the driver swerved and lost control driving down Beach Road near Avondale flats.

The vehicle and its occupants then veered off and drove off the river bank into the Kowie River near the dive school.

SAPS, emergency services, and divers were on the scene and recovered two men. The third man was not involved in the accident as he was “forgotten” at the previous venue.

The two men were taken to Port Alfred Hospital where they were treated for shock. Due to the high tide, the vehicle could only be recovered later today when the tide had changed. Due to the complicated terrain, it took Kowie Towing the better half of the day to retrieve the vehicle.



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