Burning refuse has residents fuming

THE Port Alfred landfill site is again in ghastly state with fires emitting thick black noxious smoke into the air last week.

BAD STATE: Residents complained last week of thick black smoke hanging in the air over parts of Port Alfred. Upon inspection TotT found the Port Alfred dump site was burning again Picture: LEBOGANG TLOU

In the past there have been problems at the Alexandria and Kenton landfill sites and Ndlambe Municipality has been taken to task. Currently there is a standing court order against the municipality to control access, stop the illegal burning of refuse and properly manage the site at the Kenton dump

The municipality opted to close the unlicensed dump sooner rather than later.

A drive around the Port Alfred dump site quickly painted the picture that not much has been done by the Ndlambe Municipality to manage the dump and control access to the site.

Residents complained that a thick cloud of foul smoke hung in the air for most of Thursday moving across Ndlovini, Nemato and the Port Alfred CBD. Despite the Ndlambe Fire Department arriving in the afternoon to extinguish the fires, the smog carpeted the area for the remainder of the day.

Cattle and goats grazed through the site while dogs scavenged from the refuse. A constant flow of vehicles and trucks moved in and out of the premises with eager bystanders contending for a quick job to help off load refuse.

“As a municipality we do our utmost to control the entry of any animals into the dumpsite,” municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa said.

There was no visible person manning the access points, although Ndlambe Municipality said there is a waste control officer on duty every day who keeps a record of all vehicles entering the site.

Mbolekwa also said it wasn’t the municipality starting the fires, and that they are not aware of who was responsible for the latest fire, but that they will continue their investigations.

Evidence of recycling was seen on the fringe of the dump although it was noticeable that a lot of waste, including paper, cardboard and plastic materials lay discarded all through the dump.

Ndlambe Municipality confirmed that a memorandum of understanding is in place with Integrated Waste and Recycling Services and Mashihlule for handling the recycling effort at the landfill.

Port Alfred dump burning again

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