Port Alfred Primêre Skool debutante ball shines through the community

It was a night to remember, seeing pupils from Port Alfred Primêre Skool dressed up for their first debutante ball last night. The school fundraiser held at the Titi Jonas Hall was a great success with a jam-packed hall of parents, friends of the school, teachers, celebrities and the 64 glitzy and glamorously dressed pupils who  formally “presented” themselves to their communities. 

The debutantes were led into the hall by their male escorts, who then showcased themselves and their beautiful gowns, to the audience. They all performed a curtsy, also known as the St. James Bow or a full court bow, to celebrity and guest star “Errol” (Christo Davids) from 7de Laan. The debutantes then proceeded to entertain the guests with beautiful ballroom dancing.

Principal Tommy Scott said it had been a privilege for him to be part of the occasion, “We are making history. Port Alfred last had a debutante ball 20 years ago,” he said.

“This is a glamorous event, and you all look beautiful,” Scott said.

“I never expected the hall to be so full tonight. People are joining us to make history,” said Scott.

See the next edition of TotT for the full story and more photographs.

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