Night out at Peachy Beach

So….with much trepidation….this ‘old fogie’ went to jol with the youngsters last night at Peachy Beach.?I needn’t have worried as I had the time of my life!!! Not normally my scene at all but I must say to see some of SA’s top DJ’s performing, especially TIMO, was pretty damn impressive. The event….Peachy Beach….held down at Middle Beach in Kenton-on-Sea, was very well organised and well controlled. There was a constant cleaning up process going on which I was so happy to see….not one piece of litter anywhere!! The security present was very professional, very polite and helpful. There was zero tolerance of bottles and unruly behaviour when it came to outside the venue which gave one a good sense of security and the beach was spotless.The hordes of people were having the time of their lives, and it was great to see so many young people dancing to the music. The music level was fantastic and one could hold a conversation which does not often happen. The quality of the lights and sound was crisp and clear, which made it even more enjoyable. The venue itself gave you the essential feeling of what the organisers set out to do, and that was the feeling of a Peachy Beach. The top quality stretch tent is most definitely a far cry from those old Marquee tents back in its hay day. Ergonomically the design is professionally done to perfection. Sheltered from the rain, wind and also a free flow of fresh air. The decor with palm trees and plants around the venue gives you the feeling that you are in another tropical paradise. One can clearly see that there was plenty of effort and money put into this event and would gladly pay the entrance fees that they are asking as these DJ’S do not come cheap. Over all a fantastic night out for old and young as I saw many parents there enjoying themselves. On a huge plus point, the organisers are not just taking from the community, they have also put back into the community, by providing school accessories for their new year. This was done through donations to be able to gain entrance to the venue and also collection points to gain tickets to the venue. A first of its kind and I applaud them for this. A well presented and a well oiled machine to attract our youth in a safe environment to have a great time in Kenton is a fantastic iniative. A huge shout out to all the event organisers……WELL DONE.

Ference Toth


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