“Drunk Driving will not be tolerated”

EC:Port Alfred Cluster:2018-01-01

At 11:40 today Brigadier Morgan Govender the Cluster Commander made the first arrest in Port Alfred. Whilst on patrol, a vehicle overtook him on a barrier line on Bank Lane. He immediately chased the golf which had 3 other occupants and managed to stop the driver in Main street.

On interviewing the driver he noticed that the driver was inebriated. The 26-year-old suspect faces the following charges: Drunk driving, reckless and negligent driving and driving without a valid drivers licence.

The suspect will appear in the Port Alfred Magistrates Court early this week. Brigadier Govender said “Drunk driving will NOT be tolerated. I urge the community to get a sober driver to transport you if you have indulged in alcohol.”

Enquiries Captain Mali Govender 0827797123

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