Crime briefs from MultiSecurity

RESPONDING to a panic signal from a shop in Station Hill last Saturday morning, a MultiSecurity response officer called for backup when three men threatened to assault him with a brick.

The men had been trying to force open a burglar gate with bricks.

Another MultiSecurity response officer arrived, followed by the police. The would-be burglars fled but they caught one of them.

  • Responding to an alarm at Kemsley Marine warehouse last Saturday, a response officer found the electric fence had been badly damaged, with some of it missing, along with five gum poles that had been holding it up.

The police and owner were informed. The owner asked for a guard to be posted until Monday.

  • There was a break-in at the Ndlambe Municipality pump station just past 43 Air School on Sunday morning.

MultiSecurity responded to an alarm from the premises and informed SAPS and the municipality.

The burglars had cut through an electrical cable with an axe but nothing else was missing.

  • There was an attempted break-in at a shop in Biscay Road in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

SAPS was first on the scene after seeing a broken window. MultiSecurity tried to contact the owner.

A small knife was found near the broken window, but the burglars had not entered the shop.

  • A white Toyota Tazz that was driving in the middle of the road with no lights on hit a grey Opel Corsa bakkie in Albany Road late on Saturday night.

The driver of the Tazz drove away after the collision and the Opel driver said he had not been able to get its licence plate number. MultiSecurity and SAPS both attended the scene.

  • There was another accident on the R67 near the turn off to Aero Park in the early hours of Sunday morning.

A man was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and his girlfriend, who suffered only minor injuries, was taken to Port Alfred Hospital.

  • A resident in Hards Street called MultiSecurity for help after an intruder jumped into his yard late on Saturday night.

He said his dog had chased off the intruder but was not sure in which direction he had fled. A response officer patrolled the area but could not find the intruder.

  • MultiSecurity responded to an alarm at a home in Milkwoods Avenue in the early hours of Sunday morning, and the resident reported there had been an intruder on the premises.

He was described as wearing a black and grey striped top with a hoodie, and carrying a black backpack. Response officers and SAPS patrolled the area but found no trace of the man.

  • Concerned about a drunk man standing on the edge of the Nico Malan Bridge late on Friday night, a person at the Port Alfred Ski-boat Club called MultiSecurity.

Response officers arrived and spoke to the man, who was taking photos with a friend. The two then left the bridge.

  • The West Beach Crime Watch group on WhatsApp alerted the MultiSecurity control room to a white VW Polo sedan that was driving up and down George Street last Friday night. The car was also parked near number 73 for some time. They were unable to get the registration number of the vehicle.

MultiSecurity response officers kept a lookout for the vehicle.

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