Durban residents claim school pupils attacked them

VIOLENCE erupted at Phambili High School in Durban on Tuesday when pupils allegedly ran amok and destroyed a neighbouring property where the school wants to build four classrooms.

Sizwe Lombo said he was attacked in his home by pupils from Phambili High School who want to turn his home into classrooms Pictures: JACKIE CLAUSEN

Tenants say they came under attack when some pupils allegedly went on the rampage and stormed the property, damaging furniture and appliances and attacking residents who ran for lives. A bed was pulled into Sarnia Road and set alight amid roadworks.

One of the residents, Sizwe Lombo, was hit on the head and leg with a rock. With blood pouring down his face from his injuries, he told TimesLive that he had lived in the property as long as he could remember.

He said they had a protection order which they obtained against the school on Monday which they wanted to serve to the principal on Tuesday, but the principal allegedly refused.

Lombo said the order was destroyed during the commotion.

He claimed that the children were instigated by members of the school governing body to start the violence.

“I am limping after someone hit [me] with a rock on my leg. These kids were instigating violence with members of the SGB,” he said.

A large group of people managed to calm down the pupils who were forced back onto the school premises.

But police continued to keep a close watch while pupils looked on from inside the school premises.

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