Mtyobo derby day clash v NV Cewu

MTYOBO Public Primary School hosted NV Cewu Public Primary School from Grahamstown last Friday, for what the principal of the visiting side, Anele Dyolashe, called “anniversary games”.

RIVALS TOGETHER: Mtyobo Public Primary School was visited by NV Cewu Primary School from Grahamstown last Friday for a sports derby day at Station Hill field. From there the schools moved to Ndlovini’s Gidana Stadium where football was played Picture: TK MTIKI

The results clearly show that the visiting side came prepared to conquer its host. The schools took each other on in a variety of sports such as rugby, netball and football.

NV Cewu dominated on the netball court, winning all three matches, including a crushing defeat of Mtyobo’s U11 team by 2-18. But Mtyobo showed their mettle in the rugby, with their U13 team holding their own against NV Cewu in a 5-5 draw.

Mtyobo’s U11 rugby squad restored their hopes when they defeated Cewu 11-5.

Cewu proved to be a stubborn side in the sole soccer clash, defeating the host school 1-0.

Principal Dyolashe said the schools visited each other every year. Last year Mtyobo went to Grahamstown and this year Cewu came to Port Alfred.



Under 11:

Mtyobo vs Cewu

11           –              5

Under 13:

Mtyobo vs NV Cewu

5             –              5


Under 11:

Mtyobo vs  NV Cewu

2             –              18

Under 12

Mtyobo vs NV Cewu

5             –              9

Under 13:

Mtyobo vs NV Cewu

6             –              13


Under 11:

Mtyobo vs NV Cewu

0             –              1

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