Neighbourly Notes – 3 May 2018

REST AND RELAXATION: From left, Hans van den Nouweland, Wellington Njadayi and with Des and Gail Crystal took a well-deserved break with a tipple at the Bathurst Arms during the Bathurst Bookfair on Sunday Picture: ROB KNOWLES

IT’S a nice, easy-going weekend this coming Saturday and Sunday beginning with the Christian Men’s Association at its new location in Tash’s Craft Bar at the small boat harbour as The Lodge is no longer available to the CMA. Go and listen to local author and traveller, Russell Kearney, and his amazing journeys around the South African coastline. And you can find a great bargain at the Settlers Park Fete. There’s also school rugby at the Port Alfred High School sports field and, staying with the school, the PAHS Pre-Primary annual fundraiser Barn Dance is on Saturday evening. And don’t forget the Charity Fun Golf Day in aid of Dolphin Coast and Diaz Home at the Alexandria Golf Club. For all those women who just want to get out of the house and share some time among the fairer sex, there’s the first meeting of the NBBC – No Books Book Club (ladies only) at Harry B’s. On Saturday and Sunday the Port Alfred Floral Art Group will be doing a display for the 180th birthday
celebrations of St John’s Anglican Church in Bathurst. For these and other events throughout this week and going forward, see our Diarise This section, below.

WELL, it’s happened, the price of fuel has increased significantly since midnight on Tuesday to R14.72 per litre, a new record high for the commodity. That will mean that those who use fossil fuels in their business (including oil-powered power station, industries with petrol-run devices and, more directly, transport companies (including busses, taxis and all type of delivery vehicles) will feel compelled to hike the prices of their products. This is obviously not good news for the consumer who has had to fork out more at the shopping tills due to the increase in VAT we experienced last month.

YOU have to hand it to President Cyril Ramaphosa. Not only was his message on the subject of the national minimum wage readily accepted by the vast majority of attendees at the Cosatu May Day celebrations in Port Elizabeth on Tuesday, but he didn’t get heckled and cause an early end to proceedings as it did last year when former president Jacob Zuma attended. Maybe things are getting better?

WHAT is wrong with the South African psyche which determines that, when things aren’t the way you would like them to be, then you don’t need to obey the law? Take, for example, the burning of millions of rands worth of trucks on the N3 highway? What possible good could have come from that? Companies lose money and people lose jobs. And, as for the EFF’s land grab, what is the point? Even if/when expropriation without compensation comes into effect, it won’t be a matter of just taking what you want. There will have to be procedures to establishing why the land is being expropriated as well as determining who the rightful owner is. It will never be a free-for-all, so the EFF are acting illegally. No matter what the circumstance, land-grabs must be dealt with swiftly or else the next house on the list may be yours.

HAPPY birthday greetings and many more to everyone celebrating a special day in the week ahead, especially Helen Thompson, May Bennett, Richard Msesiwe, Rob Joiner, Wilma Sieker, Daphne Smith, Roma Young, Albert Johnson, Loretta Hawkes, Gerhard Strydom, Gavin Muir, Pieter van Niekerk, Sharon Hammond, Yvonne van Gass, Anet Fraser, Gavin Dell, Jean Hope Bailie, twins Darcie and Olivia Squires, Charmaine de Klerk, Dylon van der Spuy, Matt Wood, Gerald Denston, Len Holford. Keith Reid, Carlynn Garden, Marge Strange, Vici Champion, Dick Schuurman, Basil Rudman, Glynis Mather-Pike, Justin Sheffield, Ntombise Diamond, Bess Nel, Anton Maclean, Marguerite Smit, Pumza Rungqu, Jenna Barnard, Kathy Duffy, Deane Eales, Ntsikelelo Nodwala, Nicole Norden, Vicky Nelson, Nigel Coster, Ryan Lisher, Brandon Rademan, Kirsten Baart, Tyler Pullen, Rafe McKinnon, Connie Abbott, Edward Donaghy, Beryl Bentley, John Gaylord, Lynn Rodgers, Juanita Lax, Lindy Hulley, Margie Stephenson, Ross Purdon, Kristen Fletcher, Storm Olivier, Angela Sousalis and Estelle Estevez.

BUSINESS anniversary congratulations followed by good wishes for continued success go to the following businesses and organisations, especially Pam Golding Boknes, Kenton Standard Bank, Sunny Sports (Main Street), Oxygen Fitness (Rosehill Mall), Buco (PA), Suncoast Kwikspar (Kenton-on-Sea) and certainly not forgetting Alcoholics Anonymous which was founded in Port Alfred in 1961, and which has been a godsend for many folk and their families since then and still going strong.

THE economy is not looking so good at the moment and it is hoped that the Ram-investor team (with ex finance minister Trevor Manuel leading) can bring in some much-needed investors, boost the economy and establish more real jobs (not like the flagging Extended Public Works Programme). With VAT and the fuel price hike life is likely to become much
tougher for everyone, but especially the poorest of our citizens. This is not a race issue; it’s a human rights issue and must be dealt with quickly if South Africans are to enjoy the benefits of our beautiful country. At the time of going to press (and with last year’s figures
in brackets to compare against), the Rand was trading at R12.56 to the Dollar (R13.38), R17.12 to the Pound (R17.25) and R15.11 to the Euro (R14.60). Commodities such as gold were trading at $1 311.00 per fine ounce ($1 258.24), platinum at $917.80 per ounce ($929.50) with price of Brent Crude Oil at $75.17 per barrel ($50.90).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, who are having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Dot Fetherstonhaugh, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Mark Price and Charlton Hilpert.

SINCERE condolences to the family and friends of Neil Mackenzie who passed away peacefully on Friday April 27. A memorial tea will be held upstairs at the Port Alfred Ski-boat Club on Saturday May 5. May happy memories give you strength in this difficult time.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations with best wishes for many more years of happiness ahead for all couples having an anniversary, especially Michael and Moira Schnehage, Ivor and Lesley-Ann Phillips, Paul and Gillian Lacey, Okkie and Chantelle Goosen.

THOUGHT for the week: “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team.

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