Clash over cattle

Problems continue with strays and Alexandria commonage

A FORMER ANC councillor has landed a cushy job as Ndlambe’s commonage manager at R23 000 a month, but little headway has been made in addressing the myriad problems at Kruisfontein commonage in Alexandria which resulted in a court order against the municipality last year.

RECTIFICATION REQUIRED: Untagged and diseased animals on municipal commonages and stray cattle wandering through the streets are among the issues Ndlambe Municipality has to address since a high court order last year Picture: JON HOUZET

Stray cattle, unbranded animals, disease, lack of fencing, failure to control use of the commonage and prolific alien invasive vegetation were among the issues the municipality was instructed to address in the court order granted to Agri Eastern Cape.

Ndlambe Municipality appointed former councillor Siphiwo Funde as commonage officer on March 1, for the express purpose of assisting with management and compliance at Kruisfontein Farm.

In a report from municipal manager Rolly Dumezweni to council at last week’s council meeting, he said meetings had been held with livestock owners and ward councillors in Wards 1 and 2, about the excessive number of cattle on the farm – more than 900, when the carrying capacity of the land is 350.

“To deal with the high numbers of cattle in Kruisfontein, discussions are continuing between the LED [local economic development] unit and departments to assist in establishing a feedlot at the farm so as to fatten the excess number of cattle to meet required weight for market,” Dumezweni wrote.

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