CAUTION: Side streets blocked off by roadworks on Southwell

MOTORISTS should be alert that a number of side streets on the north side of Southwell Road (R72) are blocked off today as the Sanral roadworks contractors are working on a lane, laying tar and sealant.

Multiple streets were affected at the same time this morning, which created confusion and congestion as motorists tried to exit Southwell into one of the side streets or enter Southwell from a side street. At one time George Street, Miles Street and Becker Street were all inaccessible, and the nearest exit was to take a detour down Atherstone, but then the contractors opened George Street again. This may change again during the course of the day.

There is a lengthy stop-go on Southwell Road, with only one lane open for traffic in alternating directions from Atherstone all the way down Southwell hill to Main Street.