Build it U13 Soccer Tournament this weekend

AFTER 11 schools confirmed their availability, Build it will host a must-watch U13 soccer tournament which will take place at Ndlovini in Gidana Stadium on Saturday.

GETTING A FEEL OF THE TROPHY: School soccer coaches met at Build it to confirm their school’s participation in the Build it U13 Soccer Tournament this Saturday August 18 at Ndlovini Gidana Stadium. From left are Gladman Johannes Watuse, Andile Marasi and (name to come) Dyala Picture: TK MTIKI

Following a well-attended meeting at Build it on Saturday morning, project manager Monwabisi Jaza confirmed the tournament would go ahead.

With the mission of giving back to the community, Build it is giving Ndlambe schools an opportunity to participate in a tournament that will see the winning school walk away with a major trophy and three-piece kit.

Jaza said there will be prizes for the winning school and runner-up. Each player from the two finalist teams will get a bag and trophy.

“The player of the tournament will get a sports bag, ball, trophy, vuvuzela and R500 voucher from Build it,” he added.

“We urge parents and the community at large to come in numbers to support the children. The most supported school will get a voucher of R2,500 from Build it.”

Echoing formal invitations which were sent on Tuesday, Jaza said: “We invite Ndlambe Municipality, the Department of Education and Department of Sport and Recreation to be part of this tournament.”

“Our objective is to appreciate our loyal customers by giving back. We believe that giving back through schools benefits the community at large. As Build it we believe that this tournament will be a stepping stone to greater opportunities for these youngsters.”

The schools will meet at Port Alfred Build it on Albany Road at 7.30am and march to the sports field.

Jaza added that the winning team will proceed to the zonal playoffs.


Dambuza vs Kuyasa Combine School         09:00 am             A field

Alex vs Bhongweni                                         09:00 am             B field

Mtyobo vs PA Primary                                   09:30 am             A

Ikamva vs Klipfontein                                    09:30 am             B

Qhayiya vs Shaw Park                                    10:00 am             A

Nompucuko vs Alex                                       10:00 am             B

PA Primary vs Dambuza                                 10:30 am             A

Klipfontein vs Bhongweni                             10:30 am             B

Kuyasa vs Mtyobo                                          11:00 am             A

Ikamva vs Nompucuko                                  11:00 am             B

Shaw Park vs Dambuza                                  11:30 am             A

Alex vs Klipfontein                                          11:30 am             B

Mtyobo vs Qhayiya                                        12:00 pm             A

Bhongweni vs Nompucuko                           12:00 pm             B

Kuyasa vs Shaw Park                                      12:30 pm             A

Ikamva vs Alex                                                12:30 pm             B

PA Primary vs Qhayiya                                   13:00 pm             A

Klipfontein vs Nompucuko                           13:00 pm             B

Dambuza vs Mtyobo                                      13:30 pm             A

Bhongweni vs Ikamva                                    13:30 pm             B

Kuyasa vs PA Primary                                     14:00 pm             A

Shaw Park vs Mtyobo                                    14:00 pm             B

Qhayiya vs Dambuza                                      14:30 pm             A

PA Primary vs Shaw Park                15:00 pm             A

Kuyasa vs Qhayiya                                          15:00 pm             B

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