Victims of the Knysna fire


RAGING DESTRUCTION: A picture of the last year’s Knysna fires which Crystal Carlese, insert, survived devastated the area, destroying her home and all its contents. Carlese spoke of her ordeal at the U3A meeting last Thursday


IT was a good turnout at Settlers Park for the U3A meeting last Thursday where Crystal Carelse spoke of the emotional and physical losses she endured during the Knysna fires in June last year.

Carlese lost everything except the clothes she was wearing and the car she escaped in. Her pain was evident as she spoke and, from the audience’s reaction, many of them empathised with the pain of her losses.

Carlese has a baby grandson, now only a year old, and she mourned that she can never, for example, share photos of his mother’s childhood with him. She had many photographs to show including one of a young couple with their toddler who were killed by smoke inhalation and were found clinging to each other. The young mother was heavily pregnant.

More of this story in this week’s Talk of the Town.

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