Instilling gardening values in kids

Remembering how a love of growing produce was instilled in him, Minet Rastar Nojoko, who runs Ndinani Garden Project, has now turned to children as part of the project.

SUBSISTENCE FARMING: Minet Rastar Nojoko, right front, who runs Ndinani Garden Project which grows vegetables for subsistence farming, decided to include children as members of his project picture: TK MTIKI

The Ndinani Garden Project focuses on subsistence farming in Nemato, and has helped a number of families become self-sufficient with their vegetable gardens.

Nojoko gave several reasons for incorporating children, including giving them skills for the future while guaranteeing the longevity of the project.

“When I grew up my parents taught me farming at an early age and I never stopped loving farming,” he said.

He added that it is much easier to introduce children to agriculture while they are young, and that they will learn the importance of not buying everything they eat.

Nojoko is also of the view that keeping children busy during their spare time minimises the chances of getting involved in drugs. “I am also trying to keep them off the streets,” he said.

In the garden TotT visited last week, the children planted carrots, spinach, onions and maize. Nojoko relies on seedling donations to ensure the survival of his project.

Nojoko also showed TotT vegetables from the seedlings which were recently donated to him by Ikhala Trust, which supports small farmers all around Eastern Cape.

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