WATCH: Fists fly as taxi drives into oncoming traffic

Yet another video capturing how minibus taxi drivers drive into oncoming traffic in Johannesburg has surfaced – but this one ended with fists flying.

Christiaan Diedericks filmed the incident outside his home in Fourways‚ Johannesburg‚ at around 7:50am on Thursday morning.

In the first video‚ a minibus taxi driver drives into oncoming traffic‚ then tries to manoeuvre back into his lane. Unable to get back in‚ he blocks off a Hyundai. A couple of metres behind him is another minibus taxi‚ whose driver pulls the same stunt.

“While I was walking back [to my house]‚ the minibus taxi moved and wanted to pass the Hyundai‚ but tried to scratch the other guy’s car‚” Diedericks said.

After moving past the Hyundai‚ the minibus taxi driver pulled in front of Diedericks’ house after seeing him filming.

In the second video‚ the Hyundai driver approaches the door of the taxi driver. “You’re not allowed to smash my car. Okay?” the Hyundai driver says.

“What’s wrong?” the taxi driver responds.

“You’re touching me‚” retorts the Hyundai driver‚ slapping the taxi driver in the face. A fight then ensues. The next moment a taxi driver has a go at Diedericks‚ before the video ends in chaos.

Diedericks said he saw a second taxi driver approach and tried to intervene to stop the fight‚ but got caught up in the scuffle.

“So here I am trying to defend with my one hand and film with the other.”

No one sustained serious injuries.

“I live in this street and it’s a daily occurrence‚ where the guys (taxi drivers) drive past on the right-hand side… These guys (taxi drivers) just do what they want.”

This comes after a video emerged earlier this week of a minibus taxi driver driving into oncoming traffic to bypass peak-hour congestion‚ before he was stopped in his tracks and read the riot act by a motorcyclist in Bryanston‚ Johannesburg.–what-a-legend-biker-praised-after-standoff-with-taxi-driver-goes-viral/

The defiant minibus driver‚ caught on video‚ was traced by police and arrested.

The motorcyclist‚ Sean Nysschen‚ who captured his stand-off with the minibus driver using a helmet-mounted camera‚ has received widespread praise from fed-up motorists after uploading the footage to YouTube.

Diedericks said Nysschen was “lucky”. “That guy (taxi driver) wasn’t arrogant.”

By: Nico Gous – TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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