Municipality discusses housing project contention

BURNING ANGER: The people of Ekuphumleni at Kenton-on-Sea back in June 2015 protesting on the lack of houses in the area

Consistency was the call by the official opposition at the council chambers on Wednesday October 17 with respect to squatters at the site of the Ekuphumleni 564 housing project in Kenton.

Building houses at the Ekuphumleni site has been a contentious issue since its initiation in 2015 following several protests where residents of the area burnt tyres and even threw stones at passing vehicles as a way to get the municipality to listen to their plight.

Ward 4 councillor at that time, independent Zache Ngxingo, accused the municipality of favouring other areas and initiating housing projects there rather than in Ekuphumleni. At the time Ngxingo said this was punishment for residents having voted for an independent councillor rather than the ANC candidate.

Still, after the appointed contractor, Ruwacon, made a commitment to start building the 564 houses in August 2015, residents seemed willing to allow work to proceed unimpeded. But, following the refusal of some of the residents to be temporarily relocated to another site known as Juisplein, along with a threat made by the department of human settlements to reduce the project for 564 to 455 houses, tempers flared at the council meeting.

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