Identifying Eastern Cape shipwrecks

The Lower Albany Historical Society’s (LAHS) latest speaker, Colin Urquhart together with his wife Lynette, spoke of the vast number of sea-going vessels that have either been wrecked or abandoned along the Eastern Cape coast over the years, leaving the audience to consider just how dangerous our stretch of coastline really is.

Urquhart has long been fascinated with the shipwrecks along this stretch of the coast and has visited many of the sites, carried out years of investigation and authored and co-authored several books on the subject.

As the former chief photojournalist for the EP Herald, Urquhart had the opportunity to actually witness and take photographs of some of the wrecks at the time they occurred. His slides showed historical pictures and records as well as photographs he had taken himself. Lynette, his wife and the editor of his books, helped show the slides as Urquhart explained the picture’s significance.

SHIPWRECK INVESTIGATOR: Speaking at the Lower Albany Historical Society meeting last week, former chief photojournalist Colin Urquhart explained why there are so many shipwrecks along the Eastern Cape coastline and why it is not always easy to identify them Picture: ROB KNOWLES

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