Sewage stench affects Marselle residents

A sewage leak in Marselle has caused anger among community members as a stench emanates from the spill, especially when it’s hot.

PROBLEM NOT FIXED: A sewage spill in Marselle that has not been fixed since September, after residents the problem to the municipal offices in Kenton-on-Sea. They said the stench that comes from it is unbearable, especially when it’s hot Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

People complained that the smell I going to make them sick and they fear that their children will also catch a disease from the leak because it’s in between their houses.

The leak started at the beginning of September and it was reported to the municipal offices in Kenton. Workers have attended the scene twice, and started digging there, but left without fixing the problem.

Property owner Fezekile Ziqula, who is mostly affected by the sewage leak, expressed how displeased he is with the municipality and how slowly they attend issues that need immediate attention.

“I never thought it would take this long to fix this. We keep on hearing about problems from the municipality instead of giving us solutions,” Ziqula said.

“It’s such a shame that they know that we exist only when it’s time for us to vote for them. We only want this problem to be fixed. It’s been months now since we have reported this and the smell is really unbearable,” he said.

Another community member, Malibongwe Klaas, who also lives close by, shared the same sentiments about the municipality and how the smell is affecting them.

“They came recently and did some digging in the place where it’s leaking but they didn’t stay. Aafter that they left without informing us when they are coming back again, but the following day we saw them driving past here in the same van they came with. We really need this leak to be taken care off. We have had enough of the smell. Can somebody come and fix this problem once and for all,” Klaas said.

Municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa said that the leaks were caused by concrete stones blocking the manholes.

“The team is currently busy removing the stones to unblock the system,” he said.

“The delays are caused by the use of TLB – understand that there is one TLB that services the entire municipal area.  We are confident that our team will work hard to finish the work,” said Mbolekwa.


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