New feeding scheme for physically challenged children

Physically challenged children, adults who are less privileged and HIV-infected people are the beneficiaries of a new feeding scheme by the Desire Church of All Nations and Port Alfred Soup Kitchen.

With the spirit of fighting poverty, the church partnered with the soup kitchen to feed physically challenged children at Sinethemba Disabled Centre and New Rest in Marselle last week.

Although Port Alfred Soup Kitchen has been feeding people for many years, Pastor Emanual Huni said its partnership with the church began last Tuesday.

He said they were feeding about 60 people. Speaking about the content of the soup, Huni said: “It’s a rich and nutritious soup with herbs and vegetables to nourish the body and gives energy.

“We are feeding these children every Monday and Friday starting from this month.”

Huni explained that they were feeding 15 disabled children at Sinethemba Disabled School and 50 people at New Rest.

He urged the community at large to start making a difference with the little they have. “My advice to all people as a pastor is that we must by all means give and share whatever little food we have with the hungry and less privileged,” he said.

He is of the view that government alone cannot overcome the challenge of poverty. “Let us not leave all to the government but let us help our government by showing love and care to the less privileged members of our communities.”

The determined change-maker passed his sincere gratitude to all stakeholders who are behind the realisation of the vision.

“Many thanks to the Port Alfred Soup Kitchen, Kenton Spar and other partners for supporting Desire Church of All Nations in this vision. All is done to the glory of God and love for the less privileged,” he said.

He was thankful to Spar for sponsoring bread and rolls or buns while the church team members provide a vehicle to transport the food.


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