Trevor Noah gives props to his best teachers, and asks for your help

Trevor Noah hopes to persuade you to spend your cash on a schoolchild – and promises to match every rand you donate until he reaches his goal of R2m.

Trevor Noah, pictured, says one great teacher can make all the difference to a child’s life. He spoke of his favourite teachers ‘Mr Darby and Mrs Gold’.
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The South African comedian now living in the US has launched a crowdfunding campaign on BackaBuddy to raise funds for his Trevor Noah Foundation, founded last year. Its aim is achieving a 100% transition rate of matric students into continued education.

“For me, I’ve come to realise the secret is great teachers. In my life and the lives of many other kids, one great teacher has made all the difference. To this day, business economics and history are my favourite subjects thanks to teachers like Mr Darby and Mrs Gold.

“My favourite teachers were those who engaged me in a way that made me feel like they loved the subjects as much as they wanted me to love it,” Noah said.

The foundation’s pilot programme began this year, helping orphaned and vulnerable learners in Grades 9-12 at New Nation School in Vrededorp. It is a government school that has performed well academically despite lacking resources and facing issues of statelessness, abandonment and poverty.

In a video released on social media Noah said: “Our end goal is to get as many children who do not have access to education educated. We want to get teachers the support they need because teachers are underpaid, and we want to make sure the people who educate those children are able to sustain themselves.”

Until now, Noah has been the foundation’s primary investor. Funds raised by the crowdfunding campaign will be matched 1:1 by Noah, up to R2m.

BackaBuddy states the funds will be carefully managed by the Trevor Noah Foundation to help various schools across South Africa and eliminate obstacles that stand in the way of students and teachers reaching their full potential.

As a special thank you, one donor will receive a pair of tickets to Noah’s next comedy show in South Africa (dates to be announced) and one person will get a personal thank-you tweet from Noah.

BackaBuddy CEO Patrick Schofield commented: “When the powerful and the many work together, massive change is possible.

“Trevor is matching rand-for-rand every donation made by people across the world up to R2m. That’s an incredible commitment to being part of the change we need in SA and in a way that recognises that this is something we can do together.

“Respecting, giving recognition and supporting the teachers in whose hands we place our children is a cause we’re honoured to facilitate,” said Scholfield.

So far about R8,000 has been pledged to the campaign, which will run until New Year’s Eve.

“I know this is just a nugget but it’s from the heart. We’re donating from Portugal, a family of two, I’m 33 and a single parent and my son is 17. I hope it really helps. Sending much love, Trevor,” said Rosa Godinho.

A donor who identified herself only as Daniela wrote, “From a teacher in Germany to teachers in SA! Keep doing a good job!”

Annina Engelbrecht, who donated just over R400, shared: “You’re a good human, Trevor.”


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