Krugersdorp killings: ‘I’m not around when they are’ – Cecila Steyn on her ‘multiple personalities’

Cecilia Steyn, the alleged mastermind behind the 11 Krugersdorp killings, is on Wednesday expected to return to the witness stand.

On trial for the Krugersdorp murders are, from left to right, Zac Valentine, Cecilia Steyn and Marcel Steyn on November 15, 2018
Image: Nomahlubi Jordaan

On Tuesday, Steyn appeared agitated as she answered questions from state prosecutor Gerrit Roberts, particularly when she was prodded about the different personalities she sometimes took on.

While she had denied all the other allegations against her, including that she was a satanist, she did not deny evidence from witnesses that she claimed to have multiple personalities.

The court had previously heard that she had the ability to turn into a baby or a wolf and could hold her breath under water for an hour.

“I’m not around when they are,” she said, when asked to give further details on what her other personalities were like.

She could not recall any of the personalities, except for Akeisha and Anya.

Steyn told the court that according to her psychologist, Akeisha was an adult who  “had her own personality, apart from mine.”

Asked about Anya, she said: “Apparently she’s a three-year-old.”

“What is the difference between Akeisha and Anya?” Roberts asked.

“Age difference, I guess. The way they act. The way they would talk. The way they would perceive things,” she continued.

Prodded to give names of other personalities she sometimes took on, Steyn referred the prosecutor to her psychologist.

“I was still in therapy. We are still discussing this, so you have to ask my psychologist,” she said.

“Why must I ask your psychologist?” the prosecutor quizzed.

“Because she would know more about this than I do,” Steyn said, seemingly agitated.

“She would know more about this than I do. She is the one that’s studied it, not me. She can explain things better to you than I can.”

Steyn is one of three people still on trial for the killings, which took place between 2012 and 2016. She has denied any involvement in the deaths.

Two others involved in the case, Le Roux Steyn and his mother, Marinda Steyn, 51, a former high school teacher, have already been sentenced. Marinda was sentenced to 11 life terms for the 11 murders and Le Roux is serving 25 years behind bars.

Cecilia and Marinda Steyn were friends. They are not related to each other.

The trial continues.


Source: TMG Digital

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