Neighbourly Notes – 8 November 2018

TYING THE KNOT: November 3 was an eagerly awaited day for those witnessing Sizwe Xawuka and Ayabulela Xawuka’s official wedding at the Titi Jonas Multi-purpose Centre in Thornhill. The couple presented a unique version of marriage, with their dress code being strictly traditional, even for those attending. Picture: TK MTIKI

YOU can always tell when Christmas approaches as clubs, societies and businesses hold their end-of-year parties and lots of special festive season events and the Talk of the Town Diarise This section begins to fill up. Don’t forget to tell us about any special events that you are hosting in the area for inclusion in the diary.

ON Friday evening, The South African Air Force Association (Saafa) will be showing the epic film, The Longest Day, at the Moth Hall. On Saturday through Sunday it’s the SA Open Kneeboard Championships at East Beach. This Sunday is Remembrance Day, a day to look back at the men and women who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914-1918 as well as all servicemen and women who have fought for freedom and justice in World War 2. There is an Armistice Remembrance Service at St Paul’s Anglican Church, and the residents of Bushman’s and Boknes will meet at the Boknes Hall combining with the NG Kerk as well as a Remembrance Day Memorial Parade at the Battleaxe Shellhole in Port Alfred. Also on Sunday, there’s a treat for bowlers as there are two triangular competitions at the Kowie Bowls Club and the Port Alfred Bowls and Croquet club.

DON’T forget the free self-defence workshop by MultiSecurity on Friday afternoon in Alexandria and the second workshop in Kleinemonde on Saturday morning.

THE Bathurst Art Fair took place last weekend and was well attended by locals and visitors who caught a glimpse of the talent here in Ndlambe. On Saturday Bathurst was buzzing, and on Sunday it was a little quieter, probably as a result of the rain combined with smoke from bush fires further down the coast. Well done to Tharine and her team for another successful event.

THE Ndlambe council voted to support a music festival, organised by the Department of Sport and Recreation, Arts and Culture (Dsrac) at the full council meeting last Wednesday despite being “vehemently opposed” by the DA. Last year Dsrac made a presentation to the council regarding the plans they had for a music festival and stated, explicitly, that they would need no funding from the Ndlambe ratepayers. A decision to financially support the event with R450,000 was therefore withdrawn from the council agenda. Still, before the concert came about, Dsrac did an about-turn and returned, cap-in-hand, to ask for the money initially planned. It took over six months for Dsrac to account for the money spent at the concert when they finally produced their report. In fact, the report showed that of the R600,000 the concert cost, Dsrac only contributed R150,000, with the rest coming from Ndlambe. In his position on the Ndlambe Audit Committee, former mayor Sipho Tandani was at the last council meeting of year and warned of the red flag that would be raised by the auditor-general because the concert was unsustainable and had no clear objectives or value-add to the municipality and would therefore be viewed as fruitless and wasteful expenditure. Nevertheless, the concert went ahead. This year the council budgeted R400,000 to give to Dsrac for the concert, but this raised the ire of the opposition in council with DA caucus leader Ray Schenk saying that this was ratepayers’ money and should not be used for a “jive”. It was also said, this time by DA PR councillor, Khanyisa Daweti, that this amount should be used to empower the youth, and not for staging of a one-night only concert. Finally, ANC ward councillor for Ward 9, Stwiga Njibana said the amount should be reduced to R200,000. Seriously, if Dsrac want to put on a concert (one that will be attended almost exclusively by one group of residents), then Dsrac should pay for it. Why would the ratepayers be happy that their money is being used this way when there are so many other problems the municipality needs to fix? Roads and cleaning up the town are two urgent matters that need to be addressed before Ndlambe begins looking at supporting a concert (Dsrac says festival, but one night does not a festival make) for only one section of the community.

HAPPY birthday and every good wishes to everyone celebrating such an occasion. Congratulations to Bridget McNeilis, Linda Wedderburn, Nriam Farhaher, Connor Bessinger, Penny Kavagias, Hermaine Kritzinger, Kevin Heny, Christopher Green, Karen Marais, Roy Somers, Twin brothers – David and Bradley Springer, Hugh Taylor, Gordon Gill, Jenny Wallace, Johannes Roos, Paul Probert, Kerri Katz, Clive Pearson, Nelo Stötter, Sharon Thackeray Dove, Ann Green, Loretta Phillips, Margaret Stas, Harold Dodd, Emke Klopper, Craig Griffiths, Catherine Bakaqana, Anne Coleman, Gordon Long, Louise Hoyle, Norah Bennett, Moira Schnehage, Cliff Kemp, Jamie Butt.

BEST wishes and congratulations to the following businesses on their anniversaries and may these lead to even more success in the future. Good luck to Andy’s Service Centre and 24-hour Fresh Stop, Volcanik, Dr Brian Olivier (dentist), and Sunshine Juice.

IT’S all excitement, as polls close for the US mid-term elections, and markets have been up and down as everyone speculated on whether the American people would support US President Donald Trump in how they feel about their president’s first two years in office. At the time of going to press, it appeared the Senate was secure for the Republican Party, but the House of Representatives was now under control of the Democrats. This will certainly have an effect on policy-making and the world financial markets. With last year’s figures in brackets for comparison, the Rand was trading at R13.94 to the Dollar (R13.58), R 18.34 to the Pound (R16.87), R16.02 to the Euro (R15.08). Commodities such as gold were trading at $ 1,232.42 per fine ounce ($1,305.56), Platinum was trading at $877.20 per ounce ($1,008.80) with Brent Crude Oil at $73.18 per barrel ($45.58).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are unwell, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. ‘Sterkte’ to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Jenny Groenewald, Rowena Collin, Marian Eaton and Brenda Shelton.

SINCERE condolences to the family and friends of James “Jimmy” Hyde who passed away on Saturday November 3. May wonderful memories of time spent together bring comfort to you in your sadness, especially to his children Janet, Sally Anne and Robin and their families. A memorial service will be held at Word of Truth Ministry in Port Alfred on Saturday November 10 at 11am.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations and best wishes to all couples celebrating this special occasion, especially Jan and Elva Niemand, Pierre and Lodine Norden, Barry and Anne Hartley, Garner and Nicolene Rieger, Gunther and Nola Johannsen, Athol and Cynthia Canny, Paul and Stacey Botha, Malcolm and Shirley Evans.

THOUGHT for the week: “To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.”

BEST regards as always
The Team

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