WATCH | ‘Extremely irresponsible’ Intercape bus driver suspended

Intercape has suspended one of its bus drivers after a video of him driving recklessly went viral on social media at the weekend.

Intercape management told TimesLIVE on Tuesday that the coach was traveling from Cape Town to Durban.

“The driver admitted that he was wrong in his actions. He was immediately suspended‚ pending a disciplinary hearing‚” the bus service said.

His suspension comes after passenger Kiewiet Pretorius posted a video on Facebook‚ showing the man driving recklessly and putting his passengers’ lives at risk.

“We travelled from Bloemfontein to Durban on December 13 on Intercape’s bus. This is how the driver had overtaken a few other cars. It is extremely irresponsible to drive like this with a bus full of passengers‚” his post read.

In the 13-second video‚ the bus is seen passing two trucks around a bend on solid double white lines.

The video was posted on Sunday and has already received almost 4‚000 shares and over 110‚000 views.

Many have called for the bus driver to be reported.

“Don’t tell Facebook‚ send it to Intercape management‚” commented one person.

“Over double barrier line. What an absolute idiot with no regard for his passengers lives‚” wrote another.

In another comment‚ a person believed to be an Intercape official said the driver had been suspended. “Good day everyone. Thank you for the video. We have identified the bus driver and he has been suspended with immediate effect. He will face disciplinary action. This is very serious and we ask for forgiveness for this reckless action‚” wrote Philip Nortje.

It was not clear whether Nortje is in fact an Intercape employee‚ but the bus company later confirmed to TimesLIVE that the driver had indeed been suspended.

A charge of reckless and negligent driving is expected to be opened in Durban.

The driver had been working for the bus service since August 2016.

“The management of Intercape can assure the public of Southern Africa that this is not the standard of service. Zero tolerance will be enforced‚” said a spokesperson for the company.

“Intercape regrets and apologies for the unfortunate incident.”

By: Iavan Pijoos

Source: TMG Digital.

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