A jaunt with aliens on the planet E-yerth

ALL FRIENDS IN THE END: Twelve-year-old Luis (voiced by Callum Maloney), centre, deals with bullying, love and aliens with the other characters of ‘Luis and the Aliens’, from left, Marlon Winter (Eoin Daly) his dad (Dermot Magennis) love interest Jennifer (Lucy Carolan) and her uncredited sidekick Donna

Luis the Aliens, with the voice talents of Callum Maloney, Dermot Magennis, Paul Tylak and Lucy Carolan, directed by Christoph Lauenstein, Wolfgang Lauenstein        and co-directed by Sean McCormack.


It’s probably just a timing thing, but Luis and the Aliens seems rather tame and uninspired in comparison with animated movies such as The Grinch, The Incredibles and others, but it should keep the kids happy if you find yourself with nothing else to do over the weekend.

Luis Sonntag (Callum Maloney) is a young boy living in a ramshackle home somewhere in the USA with his father, Armin Sonntag (Dermot Magennis), a PhD professor who is obsessed with proving aliens exist. Armin swears he was nearly abducted by aliens, a claim that even Luis does not believe. Armin sleeps through each day so he can spend all his nights watching the skies with his huge telescope.

Luis is effectively a latch-key child and is bullied at school by his neighbours’ son, Marlon Winter (Eion Daly). However, Luis has his eye on Jennifer (Lucy Carolan), a fellow pupil at his school and a junior reporter for the school newspaper.

One day the evil Ms Diekendaker (Lea Thompson) from child services arrives to review Luis’ living conditions with the express wish to put Luis in a boarding school. At the time it is Luis’ birthday and he has to make his own cake as his father is never around and has no idea it is his son’s birthday.

At this time aliens on a trip around the galaxy pick up a TV advertising signal from E-Yerth (the way they pronounce Earth) and decide that they need the new Nubbi Dubbi, a vibrating mattress. With only a few left they race down to Earth and find Luis who agrees to help them get the item to take it back with them.

Luis wants to tell his father about the aliens but is stopped short when he discovers his father wants to freeze-blast them with a weapon that ices up the target when fired. So now Luis has a problem in keeping the aliens a secret, avoiding his school principal (Simon Toal) and getting the Nubbi Dubbi delivered so the aliens, Mog (Ian Coppinger), Nag (Will Forte) and Wabo (also voiced by Dermot Magennis.

The movie is just a plain and simple fun-ride that really doesn’t take you anywhere. The derivative and stereotypical characterisation of Americans is worn thin in this movie but many children will still get a kick out the aliens and their antics.

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