WATCH | ‘It was terrifying’: Furious elephants charge‚ surround safari vehicle

“Just be quiet and relax.”

These were the words of the safari guide trying to calm the terrified tourists in the open safari vehicle as a herd of angry elephants circled around them.

Trent Holmes‚ who shared the video to Kruger National Park‚ said when they first spotted the herd of “very active” elephants their guide said they were probably trying to scare away some lions.

The vehicle drove to meet the elephants at another point along the road. “We then saw them coming and they began to cross the road. One elephant got really aggressive and decided to come back a few times. We didn’t realise at the time we had parked the car in the middle of the pack.”

Looking back‚ Holmes said he thought the elephants were just trying to scare them away from the babies.

“We were surrounded by angry elephants‚ it was truly terrifying‚ we had no idea what to do. The guide was telling us to be calm‚” Holmes said.

Eventually the vehicle slowly backed off and the elephants went on their merry way.

“After we were safe it was an amazing experience‚ but in that moment I was so frightened‚ and the energy and sound of those giant elephants screaming at us is intense. I’ll never forget it!”

Source: TMG Digital.

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