Messengers of the end times in Port Alfred

Travelling all the way from Cape Town by foot, and making some stops in in towns along the way, four latter day prophets have set up camp at the Port Alfred Duck Pond, to bring the word of the Lord to this area.

PREACHING THE WORD: Dressed in sackcloth like the prophets of old, from left, Mzukisi Ndamase, Mduduzi Gumede, Lindelani Dlamini and Mandla Mthembu drew curiosity when people noticed them living at the Port Alfred Duck Pond Picture: ADELE STECK

Their strange clothing and the fact that they sleep outside generated some curiosity among locals who wanted to know what they are about.

Talk of the Town went to visit them to find out what they came to town for. They were more than willing to share their story.

“We have been here since December 24 last year. We are the followers of the Most High, we believe in Him and his Ten Commandments and we came here to share the same message to the people of Port Alfred,” one of the men, Mzukisi Ndamase, said.

He said they had been doing this since 1994, moving from town to town, province to province to tell people about Jesus Christ and that we are living in the last days. They believe that everything that can be read about in the Bible is happening and their aim is for people to be aware.

“We want people to understand the Ten Commandments in the Bible; we want them to know about Christ our saviour. We feel like the church is not doing enough to teach people about the word of God, we go to town and prophesy about the word of God. We think it is time that people leave behind earthly things and start living for God,” Ndamase said.

Wearing clothes made from the sisal plant, the men explained the kind of life they chose to live and why they make everything that they wear by hand.

Another of the men, Mandla Mthembu, explained: “We believe that buying is a sin, and the fact that we have to buy things is a punishment from God. Back in the days people used to eat from trees, hence we only eat fruit and vegetables, because we believe that that kind of food is pure. We don’t eat meat. We are not Rastafarians either.”

The men also seem to like Coca-Cola, as there were plenty of empties at their campsite.

Asked when they will move on to the next town, they said they don’t decide when to leave and where to go next, they are normally led by the Holy Spirit as to which town to visit next.



  1. Sounds great on the face of it. But to preach that buying is a sin with no scripture to back it up is not right and nor is leaving their rubbish behind. By the way, most churches ARE teaching and preaching the Word of God. Ask any of the Pentecostal Church leaders in Port Alfred!

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