It has been brought to our attention that there are many areas in Port Alfred without water once again.

According to Clr Schenk, there is a burst pipe in Park Road. Repairs are underway.

There are also airlocks in the water pipelines and pipes are being scoured at various fire hydrants to expel the air.


UPDATE (1): 2.44 pm, Sunday 24.3.2019

According to Clr Schenk the water outage problem is worse than anticipated.

Metres of water pipe has to be replaced where the water pipe burst in Park Road, and they are hoping it will be repaired by midnight.


UPDATE (2): 6.00 pm, Sunday 24.3.2019

The pipes have been repaired temporarily by Justin Wilmot and his team who have been working tirelessly all afternoon. It is a temporary fix until the required new parts arrive when it will be sorted out properly.

The pipe that was broken at the bottom of Park Road with the temporary fix.

The men were turning on hydrants to bleed the pipes, and the water should be filling up and available shortly according to Mr Wilmot.


UPDATE (3) 9.35 a.m., Monday 25.3.2019

According to Clr. Schenk the burst water pipe that was temporarily repaired yesterday, has burst again. This is a major pipeline and is going to take all day to repair. Water can be expected to flow again by late this evening.

Communication from Ndlambe Municipality as follows: “A leak has been discovered at Park Road in Port Alfred. Our technical team is busy working on the leak and we anticipate that this leak will possibly be repaired by approximately 6pm.

Unfortunately most of the high lying areas and the Marina in Port Alfred will be affected with regards to their water supply.

We apologise for the inconvenience. An update on the progress of leak repair will be communicated at 3pm.”


UPDATE (4) 7.14 p.m., Monday 25.3.2019

Message fro Clr Ray Schenk: “Leak has been repaired. Water is being opened”.


UPDATE (5) 10.12 a.m.., Tuesday 26.3.2019

Message from Clr. Schenk: “More water woes. The new valve replaced on the pipeline yesterday has sprung a leak and is found to be faulty. Yet another new one is on the way from Port Elizabeth. Some areas will be without water for a period of time today while the new valve is fitted.”

UPDATE (6) 3.49 p.m., Tuesday 26.3.2019

Message from Clr. Schenk: Work completed. Will be opening valves to get water flowing.



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