For the love of horses and people

HELPING HANDS: Healing Horses Therapeutic Riding Centre held an evening to explain what the centre was all about and entertained visitors with snacks, a video and a talk by adventurer Dan Skinstad at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club last Thursday evening which was attended by over 100 people Picture: ROB KNOWLES

To see a child or adult with multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy riding high on horseback when, before the therapy, they were even unable to sit upright is like a miracle for the parents, friends and teachers, and this is exactly the type of result that newly-formed centre, Healing Horse, is achieving.

Healing Horses Therapeutic Riding Centre held an information evening at the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club last Thursday, beginning with a talk by founder Jan Webb on how the centre was established. This was followed by a video in which volunteers and riders expressed their love of horses and their ability to assist riders in strengthening and exercising muscles, improving balance and numerous other advantages such as socialisation and developing communication skills. Many sufferers who attend special needs schools and groups utilise the centre and have achieved some impressive results.

For more on Healing Horses Therapeutic Centre and how you can help them to assist the differently-abled, see this week’s Talk of the Town.

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