TLU SA requests foreign countries to take a stand against expropriation without compensation

Agricultural union launches #SOS-CAMPAIGN

The Transvaal Agricultural Union (TLU SA) is preparing for the next phase in the battle over expropriation without compensation (EWC) by reaching out to foreign countries through the #SOS-campaign.

The department of rural development & land reform recently identified 139 farms across the country that will serve as test cases for land expropriation without compensation.
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In a statement today, the TLU SA said in the run-up to the national elections last week, the ANC government had again made many promises regarding land expropriation to win votes.

“Supporters of these efforts to change the constitution in order to apply EWC are now waiting impatiently to see how government will process this exercise,” the TLU SA said.

Together with leading economists and ordinary South Africans who have the prosperity of the country in mind, TLU SA still emphasises the devastating effect a threat to private property rights will have on the South African economy.

Therefore, TLU SA launched the #SOS-campaign.

“With this campaign we will send a distress signal to foreign countries, asking them to take a stand and warn the South African government to not proceed with this short-sighted plan,” said Louis Meintjies, the president of TLU SA.

“We’ve been warning against land expropriation since its inception. Our suggestions regarding this – which would be to the benefit of all parties – are however simply seen as [not] right and therefore wiped from the table, without properly looking into it.”

“Private property rights – be it land, shares or even cash – are the most important principles of a country’s economic growth,” he said. “It is the state’s obligation to protect its residents and their property. When private property rights are undermined by the state itself, government fails in their duty, to the detriment of the country’s economy.”

The TLU SA asserts that worldwide, the living standards of countries which protect private property rights are much higher than those in which the opposite regulations are in place.

“Compare the living standard and economies of the top 15 countries protecting private property with the 15 countries faring worst in protecting these rights,” the organisation said.

With the #SOS campaign, South Africans can send a distress signal directly to the leaders, ambassadors and influential roleplayers of the top 15 countries.


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