Neighbourly Notes – 25 April 2019

LET it rain! The clarion call of the people of the Eastern Cape as drought threatened the area. However, although we must be grateful that it is at last raining, there can be too much of a good thing. The virtually endless rain is a little reminiscent of the start of the 2012 floods that ravaged the area, destroying homes in low-lying areas and leading to many families seeking shelter in church halls and other places of safety. Although the forecast is for an end to the rain by the weekend the damage the rain as already done must be taken into account. Be careful when driving along the coast road between East London and Port Alfred as this stretch of the R72 has many water-logged areas as well as rocks on the road that have been washed there as the rain water finds its way to the sea.

THE Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge comes to an end this Sunday after 10 days of action-packed adrenaline pumping water-sport entertainment. Sxeaks Nkwinti of BS Sports, the main organiser of the event, has managed to bring four major events to the area including international surfing, bodyboarding, SA Inflatable racing and SA Championship beach handball. Added to this we had the 8km trail run and the Marina Mile swim, trampolining, an Anything the floats race and much more entertainment. The weather has obviously put a bit of damper on spectators attending the events but, all in all, this year’s event has certainly helped put the Sunshine Coast on the beach-sports event calendar. Well done to all concerned and good luck as the event nears conclusion on Sunday.

WITH the national and provincial election less than two weeks away things are already getting nasty with political parties demanding court interdicts on others, politicians denying involvement in state capture enquiries, state-owned enterprise executives scurrying for position, Eskom threatening more load shedding after the elections, oil price increases and a floundering rand, 2019 doesn’t look as bright as we hoped it would be. When are our so-called leaders going to call a halt to the madness of racism and realise that we are all in this together, and it’s going to take all of us working together to get this country right?

WE know many people don’t like to be reminded that they are getting older, but there are others who maintain getting on in years is just about a number, as they feel just the same in their hearts. Anyway, here’s to wishing everyone celebrating a special day in the week ahead a wonderful birthday and best wishes for many more, especially to twin sisters Jean Reed and Joan Mould, Pam Nel, Tyler Stevenson, Rhodes Tremeer, Danielle Dugard, Claire Hall, Colleen Shaw, Ginger Naude, Ray Hicks, Erica Janse van Rensburg, Norman Levine, Sue Simpkins, Ronin Beetge, Pieter Pretorius, Hazel Whitham, Glenn McCreath, Taylor Thorp, Tony Border, Andrew Marshall, Dries Meyer, Wally Vandermeulen, Jacoba Maritz, Lauren Brunette, Warren Currie, Grant Marais, Paul Crous, Jed Thurgood, Graham Webber, Steve Lambert, Timothy Riddin, Monty Colville-Reeves, Lindsay van der Schyff, Mercia van der Westhuizen, Kyle Henning, Natasha Kenny, Cecile Oosthuizen, Thulani Makinza, Cecile Nelson and Rowena Collin.

OUR heartiest congratulations to Darryl and Jolanta Hanstein and big sister Amelia on the arrival of their beautiful baby boy Tobias. We know he will bring heaps of joy and happiness to the entire family.

CONTINUED good luck and success to all businesses celebrating another year in trade. All the best to C’est la Vie (Stewart Road), and Home Essentials (Rosehill Mall).

SORRY, but it’s not good news on the financial front. Although very little South Africa does effects global markets, the artificially-inflated price of Brent crude oil (the Opec nations determine, as a collective, what the price should be – isn’t this a monopoly?) will most certainly mean hit South Africans and other developing nations hardest. Because we depend on oil for our industry and domestically in the form of petrol, any variation in the oil price directly takes money out of our pockets. The sooner we find alternative, cheap and sustainable forms of energy we have to live with the consequences of the decisions of Western and Middle Eastern countries that are less concerned with the plight of people than in making a fast buck. With petrol now almost certainly going to see another price hike in May, we are left wondering if the consumer will bear the brunt of the increase or if the government can absorb some of it. After all, they are prepared to bail out Eskom at a moment’s notice, maybe they can extend the same courtesy to the south African people? At the time of going to press (and with last year’s figures in brackets to compare against), the Rand was trading at R14.32 to the Dollar (R13.23), R18.52 to the Pound (R16.98) and R16.07 to the Euro (R14.42). Commodities such as Gold were trading at $1,273.45 per ounce ($1,264.09) and platinum at $820.77 per ounce ($958.20). Brent Crude is trading at $74.29 per barrel ($ 51.86).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. ‘Sterkte’ to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Jenny Groenewald, Chris de Wet Steyn, Marian Eaten, Martin Bekker, Trish Solz, Brenda Shelton and Theo Snyman.

HERE’S to many more terrific years together and our heartiest congratulations to everyone celebrating a wedding anniversary, especially to Clinton and Lize-Marie Millard, Kudu and Beryl Pancoust, Dennis and Sue Chandler, Gert and Jean van der Merwe, Matthew and Antoinette Buchholz, Jannie and Elsabe Badenhorst, John and Diana Lardner-Burke, Des and Tosca Spenceley

CONGRATULATIONS to Eric and Lisa Strydom (nee Came) who tied the knot on Saturday April 20 in Bedford. We wish you many years together filled with love and happiness.

FINALLY, and unashamedly, don’t forget the one-man show at Harry B’s at the Ski-boat Club this Saturday evening, starting at 7pm. It’s going to be a lot of fun, so don’t miss out. Tickets from Harry B’s, Laura Kete’s Gallery on Van der Riet Street or you can WhatsApp me on 078-391-4701.

THOUGHT for the week: “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team.

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