Swimming opportunity for local schools

Twenty pupils from Dambuza and Mtyhobo Primary Schools have been given the swimming opportunity of a life time.

FUTURE SWIMMING CHAMPS: Taking their lessons at Port Alfred Indoor Pool were Dambuza Primary School pupils, from left, Onke Vulindlu, Msizi Tyam, Likhaya Ntozini, Owethu Stokwe, and Thabang Mgadi Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

They are part of Oyster Water Aware, and they recently received swimming costumes sponsored by Oyster and Sports n All.

The Grade 4 and 5 pupils are part of a programme that aims to develop swimming in schools in Nemato. Each pupil in the programme was chosen by their teachers at the schools, and was then given indemnity forms for their parents to sign, after which they started with their lessons.

Siziwe Bhakaqane, who heads the programme, which is called the Oyster Water Aware, said that the aim of this programme is to produce the best swimmers who will also participate in swimming competitions such as the River Mile in the Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Challenge.

“They started off with basic swimming lessons, then as time progresses we will then teach them volleyball, bodyboarding, and surfing. We want them to have a swimming gala were they will compete with each other, then we take it further from there,” Bhakaqane said.

Dambuza Primary School teacher Mandisa Gwata said that so far the pupils who are taking part have shown a lot of enthusiasm and they are very keen to learn more about swimming.

“I am very proud of them they have shown a lot of interest in the swimming lessons, and as the schools we are very happy to be a part of this programme. We also love the fact that they are still young and they will grow into it,” Gwata said.

Bhakaqane said Oyster is preparing the pupils for a gala that will take place at the Indoor Pool in September, and that they looking to adding more schools to participate.

“We want to have a gala were they will compete against each other, and we are sure that by September they will be fully ready. Then we can move to other swimming sports once we see how they do in the gala,” Bhakaqane said.


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