Lending a helping hand to the abused and broken

Seeing how broken some members of the community are in Nemato and Thornhill has led a group of young people who grew in the township to open up a development programme that will focus on families and various issues affecting the community.

COMMUNITY BUILDERS: Ndumiso Patrick Goliath, left, and Nontuthuzelo Tyombe are members of the recently launched Husband and Wife Journeys of Excellence, which seeks to help people in the Nemato and Thornhill communities Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

With one aim in mind and in heart members of Husband and wife Journeys of Excellence have come up with a campaign that does not only look into helping married couples, but all members of the community, especially those who come from broken homes and difficult backgrounds.

The campaign has been operating since last year as Sisonke bafazi (We are together women), but they have decided to grow it and divide it into three, adding Thula bhabha (Hush baby) which focuses on vulnerable children, and Amadoda emizi (Men of the house), which focuses on building men in the community.

Ndumiso Patrick Goliath, who is the founder of the campaign, said that they wanted to break the notion among community members that it’s okay to be abused and be quite about it.

“Our aim is to restructure our community into a peaceful one. We also believe that if we can change one family at time, then our community will transform,” Goliath said.

“We cater for everyone who is facing problems at home. We have a social worker in our group, we have the police, we are looking into getting LegalWise to be a part of this initiative to help us with court cases, because some of these cases that get reported to us, they do go to court,” he continued.

“Our focus is to stand in a gap and bridge it by being the voice of those who can’t speak for themselves and make sure that justice plays its role serving men, women and children in our communities. We aim to build warm and loving homes for children that at the end of the day they are not scared to go home because of the abuse going on.”

The campaign is presently looking for office space that they can work in and are also seeking funding. They plan to hold various events in Nemato and Thornhill to uplift the community and bring change.



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