Wharf Street Soiree – a magical evening

The street was so festive

There was a lot of excitement alongside the river bank on Friday evening where the inaugural Wharf Street Soiree took place.

Perhaps, even get your hair done, if someone is kind enough to offer…

There was great food, beers at last century’s prices from our own

A reminder of yesteryear

brewery as well as plenty of entertainment. The street was full and there was a genuine holiday atmosphere despite the rather chilly evening. Braziers burned at the riverside with people gathered around in groups while others just took in the ambience.

Pubs and a brewery, great food, live entertainment; what more could you want (and the beers were just R10 a pint)?

At Port Alfred’s oldest still fully-functional street old mixed with new, grandparents, parents and their children laughed and joked with neighbours and friends.

Get some great entertainment to start the feet a-tappin’…

Rumour is since it was such a success the street is planning another soiree in the near future. Keep reading Talk of the Town for more news and more pictures in next week’s edition.

Friend gathered by the fire…
Parking under the lights…

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