Mayor’s acceptance speech

MAYOR’S FIRST MEDIA BRIEFING: Following her election as Ndlambe mayor on Monday, Khululwa Ncamiso, left, called a media briefing to explain her vision of her municipal area and deliver her acceptance speech. With her was municipal spokesperson Cecil Mbolekwa Picture: ROB KNOWLES

On Monday Khululwa Ncamiso was elected mayor of Ndlambe Municipality at the council chambers.

Due to disruption following her election, when EFF councillor, Xolisa Runeli, attempted to make a statement on behalf of his party,  Ncamiso’s acceptance speech was cancelled. Speaker Vivian Maphaphu silenced Runeli, eventually calling for his removal.

Here is a copy of her acceptance speech, sent through communications officer Cecil Mbolekwa.

Honourable Speaker, honourable  whips of all Parties, executive Committee Councillors, mayor Dvos and speaker Vara, councillors, acting municipal manager, directors, Ndlambe staff, unions (SAMWU and IMATU), media houses, and most importantly .. residents of Ndlambe;

I greet you all in the Name of Jesus Christ – Amen. I am extremely honoured to be given this opportunity of being named as Ndlambe Mayor. Honoured as I am I understand that the honour goes with responsibilities that your trust has entitled me to.  Our Municipality is one of the efficiently run municipalities with the limited resources it has in the Sarah Baartman District Municipality however, there is still room for improvement.

With the calibre that we have politically and administratively I believe together we can do more.  There are a number of challenges that we are confronted with as this council, and those can only be overcome through ensuring participatory governance by listening to the voices of communities at large and bringing the work of council closer to all our communities (accountability is critical). Informing them of things that we manage to do and those that could not be delivered, giving reasons as to why some were not delivered.

It is a great pleasure to be with you again. I came at the time where the budget has just been passed by this council, thanks to the chairperson of the budget steering committee and members of the committee. I commit myself to play a meaningful oversight role concerning the budget as it is my fiducial role as the mayor. This is not a new term of office as I will be bound by resolutions taken by council. Where there is political intervention needed I take it upon my shoulders to engage higher structures for assistance.  There are relations already built by this council and I promise to continue and strengthen those relations.

Madam Speaker, I want to express my willingness to interact with communities, stakeholders, business as well as ratepayers. The interactions will shape the direction that we must take in attacking challenges within our municipality.

Honourable Speaker, the premier in his state of the province mentioned projects for Ndlambe Municipality, small-town revitalisation, oceans economy,  how I wish as Ndlambe we follow that and make sure we work hard on it as it seeks to create jobs and boost our economy.

Madam Speaker, allow me to take this opportunity to thank political leadership under the leadership of ex-councillor PP Faxi, municipal manager and the team, all our staff for their respective role in assisting with our achievements. I urge everyone to keep up their hard work as we enter the new financial year. While we are making good progress in improving our performance in key areas, there are still some serious challenges that require our full attention and the full commitment to our municipal staff to overcome. I can mention a few challenges amongst many challenges that are confronting this Community:

  1. Bulk water supply
  2. Landfill site
  3. Sand dunes
  4. Service delivery, your houses, and roads
  5. Stray animals
  6. AG report
  7. Scholar transport

To all these challenges there are attempts made by this council, we need to make sure we work hard as the collective to eradicate them. Surely some challenges will be addressed through intergovernmental relations with other departments.

All that we have achieved is a result of sound labour relations between the employer and organised labour.  I salute unions for their leadership and ensuring issues of mutual interest are amicably resolved.  Keep up the good work.

Madam Speaker, allow me to thank members and the leadership of the ANC for the confidence they have expressed in me as the mayoral candidate and further thank Ndlambe council as this is as a result of voting procedures in this council. The detailed speech will be tabled in the next full council meeting.

In conclusion as Ndlambe leader, I wish to congratulate Ndlambe council under the leadership of the erstwhile Mayor PP Faxi for the strides made in ensuring delivery to the people and I am calling for unity, dedication and commitment toward our vision. It is time to put our differences aside and unite in delivering services to the communities. The community of Ndlambe deserves the best effort from all of us.

I thank you.


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