ZACP: NHI is clearly unconstitutional and outright tyrannical

The Capitalist Party of South Africa (ZACP) released a statement this week saying it had taken note of Health Minister Zweli Mkhize’s comments regarding the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI), where he stated that people wouldn’t be allowed to choose whether or not they want to see a specialist, even if they can afford it.

“Minister Mkhize decides where, when, and how they are allowed to work, as well as whom they are allowed to treat,” ZACP said in response.

“This is clearly unconstitutional and outright tyrannical.

“It goes against the very fibre of doctor-patient relationships and confidentiality, and places the responsibility of deciding who deserves critical healthcare in the hands of people least qualified to make such a decision: bureaucratic government administrators,” the ZACP statement continued.

“The ANC government is guilty of chronic and criminal mismanagement of the public healthcare sector, causing the collapse of healthcare in rural areas, where it is all but non-existent. Many tertiary hospitals are so mismanaged that they cannot even run critical departments, and are forced to operate them at severely reduced capacities or shut them down entirely.”

The ZACP said the government was now seeking to extend this mismanagement into the private sector, and the end result of the NHI would be to destroy both public and private healthcare in South Africa.

“It will exacerbate and accelerate the departure of skilled doctors, nurses, and other professionals from our country. Critical skills we can ill afford to lose, and will not be able to replace.

“The NHI is an atrocious policy disguised by a paper-thin veneer of social justice and public good in order to deceive the citizens. For the sake of all South Africans, we cannot allow this monstrosity to pass.”

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