Help build a house for Mongezi

Mongezi Shweleni is a 45-year-old Nemato resident who at the age of 20 sustained injuries to his spine which left him paralysed for the past 25 years.

CRUMBLING HOME: Wheelchair-bound Mongezi Shweleni is in need of a new house, as his current one in Nemato has been slowly falling apart and it’s not safe for him to live in

Shweleni, who currently lives with his younger brother in an RDP house, is known for being an active community member who enjoyed working for his community.

His dream was to start a career as a social worker. In his free time he was quite a soccer player, he captained and played as a defender for Black Aces who were known for being champs in the Port Alfred Soccer Association.

Shweleni underwent rehabilitation in Cape Town for four months after his injury and upon his return he participated in a number of community development projects and training. He has completed a course in craft production and works as part of disability project making leatherwork bags, belts, shoes and beadwork.

“I am always happy to take part in community projects to showcase my work. I am often invited to the annual casual day event, where I sometimes do motivational speaking and put my craft work on display. I have also been a part of the Outeniqua Race and I enjoy being sociable and enjoy being involved,” he said.

His biggest challenge at the moment is the unsafe state of his home.

“The roof of this house leaks when it rains; I live in fear every day that it might collapse. It was made a long time ago from clay. I even have difficulty getting into the house, because I am wheelchair-bound so most of the time it’s not easy navigating around the house. I am in need of a safely built house – anyone who can assist with anything, please do so because my living conditions are not good at all,” Shweleni said.

Anyone who is able to help can contact 083-743-5767 to make any kind of donations that could go towards helping Shweleni build a proper house.


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