Neighbourly Notes – 22 August 2019

SUNDAY FUNDAY: Lucy and Riaan Colyn met up with friends at the Barefoot Café on Sunday afternoon. Picture: ROB KNOWLES

THIS weekend there is not a lot happening, but on Saturday is the annual NFB Kowie Intercity Canoe Challenge on the Kowie River. If you want to see some exciting canoeing, then either get to one of the riverside restaurants or pack a picnic basket and enjoy sitting beside the river (there is a public footpath that runs along the river and plenty of places to sit). Also on Saturday, the Port Alfred Sport Shooting Club hosts an open rifle benchrest. And, if you like to watch some interesting junior sport, get to the school sports fields for the PAHS junior sports derby vs Westering.

THE creation of sidewalks along the side of the R72 through Port Alfred is coming along and, aside from people making footprints in the wet concrete, things seem to be going well. The trees and bushes on the left-hand side of Southwell Road are being removed, but those on the opposite side of the road are, at this time, still standing. Now, while no-one likes to see trees cut down (especially indigenous trees), if they remain where they are, they will undermine the concrete and paving of the new sidewalks. This will cause a huge problem in the future and lead to more expense for ratepayers in order to fix the problem. Oh, and by the way, are we still going to have another four robots installed, or has that idea lost favour?

THE Bathurst Agricultural Society (BAS) executive committee met on Monday to discuss 2020’s Bathurst Agricultural Show, and it is clear things are moving ahead at a fair lick. Next year is also the 200-year celebrations of the arrival of the 1820 Settlers and will bring a lot of visitors to the area, probably throughout the year. This is an unique opportunity for the area to encourage even more tourism to generate much-needed revenue and help us to fix many of the problems of roads, sewerage and water, and perhaps will allow for upgrading of services in Nolukhanyo township in Bathurst and even building new houses there – the reason for mass protests in recent months. It is a time for residents of the area to unite and help build up tourism in the area and should not be wasted.

YESTERDAY (Wednesday) the Equality Court was due to make a pronouncement on the display of the old South African flag and whether displaying should be banned. This is a very emotive issue on both sides of the spectrum with those who support its banning, claiming it represents the apartheid system and constitutes hate speech, unfair discrimination and harassment based on race. Supporters of the old flag say that it is part of South African history and should not be banned.

JUST looking through this day (August 22) in history. Did you know that on this day in 1485, Henry Tudor (later Henry VII) beat Richard of York at the Battle of Bosworth Field bringing an end to the War of the Roses (the white rose of Yorkshire and the red rose of Lancashire together, forming the English Tudor Rose). And, more relevant to SA, on this day in 1894, Mahatma Gandhi formed the National Indian Convention (NIC) to fight discrimination of Indian traders in KwaZulu-Natal.

CONGRATULATIONS and happy birthday greetings to everyone enjoying a special day in the week ahead, especially Len Bohnen, Olivia Prince, Hilton Keeton, Daphne Howarth, Mary Long, Gordon Goff, Gys Waller, Stan Webber, Susan Nel, Tammy Johnson, the Scheeper’s twins – Brodwyn and Andrico, Neville Hope, Carel Marais, Sylvia Ehlers, Jacqui Krige, Tracey Wright, Christina Chitsiga, Minnie Jacobs, Alison Colville Reeves, Ettienne Marais, Jill Macregor, John Potter-Sayman, Ross Elliott, Jayden Wilson, Marion Kelly, Harvey Pike, Dawn Hains, Mario Colussi.

BELATED milestone birthday wishes to Olive Pike who celebrated her 99th birthday on Monday August 19. Hope you had a wonderful day with family and friends.

ANNIVERSARY congratulations and continued success to all businesses or organisations celebrating an anniversary at this time of the year, especially to Falcon Crest Self Catering Cottage and B&B in Port Alfred on their 14th anniversary, Damant Lodge (45), The Sandbar Restaurant, Quest, Standerwick Nursery, Root 72, Kidd Co, Nemato Sunshine Spar, The Grace and Truth Church, Kenton-on-Sea Primary School and Sunshine Coast Hospice.

IF you have been following the market indicators you will know that the rand is not doing too well at the moment. This is due to a number of factors, including the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, the US trade war with the Chinese, the Hong Kong protests and many other international crises. But SA really needs to begin the prosecution of those found guilty or crimes by the various commissions or else we will be viewed as a corrupt society. That will put off investors and plunge the country into an even more painful recession. With 2019’s figures in brackets for comparison, Gold was trading at $1,944.44 per ounce ($1,198.58), Platinum at $853.20 per ounce ($800.55) and Brent Crude Oil at $60.86 per barrel ($73.63). The rand was trading at R15.27/$ (R14.27), R18.52/£ (R18.43) and R16.94/ß (R16.57).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Jenny Groenewald, Zelda Neethling, Marian Eaten, Martin Bekker, Brenda Shelton, Laura-Kate Laguz and Dave Young.

SO sorry for the friends and family, as well as the members of the Shangri La complex where he lived, on hearing of the death of Terrence (Jerry) Skaggs, who passed away suddenly on August 9.

THE family of Dan Vermaak will be gathering at West Pier at 2pm on Thursday August 22 (today) with flowers which they will cast onto the Kowie River. Anyone who wants to join them, is also welcome to bring flowers.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations to all couples enjoying this wonderful occasion, especially Neville and Rita Hope, Bob and Mary Hobbs, Wesley and Janine Sparg, Rudi and Ava Beukes.

THOUGHT for the week: “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome”.

BEST regards
The Team

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