Neighbourly Notes – 26 September 2019

CONGRATS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY: Tisha Marshall, front left, celebrated her 101st birthday among family and friends at her home in Damant Lodge last week. With her are, from left, back row, daughter Sally Motomura, son-in-law Ian McPherson and his mother Erna McPherson and, front row, right, Jean Carey who travelled from Gauteng to celebrate her friend’s birthday. Just as a point of interest, Tisha was born in the same year that the First World War ended. Picture: ROB KNOWLES

DID you have a good Heritage Day on Tuesday? Despite the cold and rain (we really need the rain), let’s hope that you are well rested and ready for the upcoming festive season which is just over 12 weeks away.

THIS weekend is another quiet one for the area, but the weather looks good for the weekend with little chance of rain on either Saturday or Sunday. According to AccuWeather Friday is 28°C, Saturday 24°C and Sunday 23°C but with a 5% chance of rain. So, if you didn’t get a chance to braai on Tuesday you can make up for it over the weekend.

ALSO this weekend, the SPCA is holding a fundraiser at the Marina with their Spring Garden Tea. If you would like to attend please contact Diane Hosty on 082-775-2777. Tickets are R50 per person.

BATHURST is in the news this week, but not for good reasons. It appears that a proposal to utilise the old clinic building on the corner of Kings Road and the R67 which is in a dilapidated state, but was used by a soup kitchen that has now been forced to serve meals to the destitute of the area on the dangerous main road. The proposal is to create a water bottling plant and carwash at the site but residents want to know where the water is coming from. The proposal states that a borehole will supply the water but residents are already suffering from the drought and several local boreholes have already run dry, and Amatola Water has yet to deliver on its obligations. The proposal document has several inconsistencies regarding the number of jobs and the quantity of water the new venture will provide. Added to this, residents are unequivocally opposed to the proposed bar on the premises.

THEN there is the Bathurst dump that is in a state of disarray with no real sorting, picking and disposal of the waste although, residents believe, a contractor was appointed to manage the dump. The prevailing easterly wind carries refuse several hundred metres away from the site and scatters it on land where cattle graze. This situation cannot continue and needs urgent action by the municipality to sort out the dump (along with the other dump sites in Ndlambe).

IT was the Kowie Museum’s Heritage Hunt on Tuesday and, despite the rain and cold snap, residents did attend the event and combed the four museums (the Kowie Museum, Richmond House Museum, the Albany Vintage and Classic Car Museum and the Bathurst Agricultural Museum) for answers to the clues they had been given. There were even questions specifically intended for the children on the hunt to answer, and they were keen to use their ingenuity to discover places in the town that they might not have known existed. The Heritage Hunt is a fantastic way for people to discover more about our area while they compete for prizes. Well done to the organisers.

BEST wishes and happy birthday greetings to everyone having a birthday in the week ahead, especially Phyl Russell, Andy Hough, Wayne Cock, Eddie Botha, the Herringhton twins – Jason and Jessica, Chloe Middleton, Tim Ord, Charles Webster, William Whitham, Dr Dirk de Vos, Breyton Scheepers, Darian Keeton, Jongisipho Matthews, Gill Wansell, James Viedge, Jacques Swanepoel, Martha Voorvelt, Layton Hilpert, Fernando Gallant, Margaret Foulkes, Reay Squires, Megan Hobson, Bronwyn Fick, Donnae Colesky, Peter Beaumont, Sean Cullen, Dennis Laubser, Jenny Henning, Heather Rowe, Chase Dell, Jax Taskov, Gordon Japp, Shaun Wilken, Jim Fox, Pieter Steenkamp, Peter Larkin, Dylan Murray, Melissa du Randt, Wendy Mills, Pat Fischer, Joyce Heny, Mark Pauls, Tanya Jacobs, Roy de Wet, Dalene du Toit.

HEARTIEST congratulations to Dix Lang on your milestone 80th birthday on September 30. We wish you many more healthy years ahead filled with love and laughter. Enjoy your birthday celebration on the boat.

EVERY success for many more years to follow is the wishes we convey to the following businesses and organisations on another anniversary, especially Feathers Farm, Wharf Street Fruit and Veg.

IT’S the United Nations General Assembly this week, and there was a lot to talk about climate change this time around. Talk in the usually stuffy environment certainly heated up when 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg addressed the assembly with an impassioned speech and a demand for action. However, although there is a sense that we should not be dependent on finite resources like oil, it is difficult to see how we will move from a fossil “fuel” based economy to whatever will be the main power source of the future. We don’t even have a real sustainable plan and are yet to determine a viable alternative to oil. If we were to stop using oil today millions would be without jobs and the world would collapse, possibly causing major wars. No more electricity means no more industry; no internet, no sanitation, no water being pumped to your home. If the world leaders are serious about eliminating the use of oil as a fuel they had better get their best minds together on working out a solution to our power requirements. With last year’s in brackets to compare against, the Rand was trading at R15.00 to the Dollar (R13.53), R18.66 to the Pound (R18.16) and R16.49 to the Euro (R15.91). Commodities were trading with Gold at $1,531.59 per fine ounce ($1,291.13), Platinum at $950.00 per ounce ($928.95) and Brent Crude Oil $62.86 per barrel ($58.80).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Jenny Groenewald, Zelda Neethling, Marian Eaten, Martin Bekker, Brenda Shelton, Suzanne Wyllie, Malinda Coertze, Dave Young.

HAPPY wedding anniversary congratulations to Anton and Annelien Gouws, Terence and Doreen McCarthy, Calla and Tammy van Heerden, Keith and Lisa Buhr.

THOUGHT for the week: “We fluctuate long between love and hatred before we can arrive at tranquillity”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team.

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