Neighbourly Notes – 7 November 2019

WEDDING BELLS: Winston and Desiree Dalpat got married at Mansfield Game Reserve on October 26. Picture: JACO VAN RENSBURG / RAILTIME PHOTOGRAPHY

THIS weekend the world looks back on the many wars that were fought in the last century. There were a lot, but we are specifically referring to the First and Second World Wars where so many died in the name of freedom. Together both world wars were responsible for the deaths of more than 100,000,000 people, possibly more. If we forget the past we are more likely to repeat it, so Remembrance Day (this Sunday) is an excellent time to contemplate, not just the number of those who died, but all the families left behind who were forced to pick up the pieces and move forward. But we are a resilient species and used some of the knowledge gained in developing weapons of death to apply in the fields of health care, education, industry and in many other useful ways. For example, the rockets launched over Europe by the Germans (the V1 and V2 rockets) led to the invention of the jet engine and, ultimately, our ability to visit nearby planets. As a result of WWII we invented synthetic rubber, radar, penicillin, pressurise cabins, canned food, plastic surgery, sanitary napkins, duck (duct) tape, microwave ovens, digital photography and a whole lot more. But the price for these innovations was too high, and the world must learn to live in peace.

DON’T forget to visit Heritage Mall to collect your poppy from the SA Legion on Saturday, and then attend the Remembrance Day parade at the Moth Hall (adjacent to the Port Alfred Ski-boat Club) at 3pm on Sunday. There is also a Service of Remembrance at St Paul ’s Church on Sunday morning at 8.30am, and a parade from St David ’s Church in Bushman’s River that begins at 8am. The ever popular Settlers Park Craft Market will also take place on Saturday, starting at 8.30am, where you are bound to pick up some excellent bargains. For more information on these and other events in and around Ndlambe and Makana, see our Diarise This section, below.

THERE was trouble at the council meeting last Thursday when EFF councillor Xolani Runeli refused to take off the red EFF jacket from his overalls when requested to do so by speaker Vivian Maphaphu. Runeli argued that his attire would be perfectly acceptable in parliament so why not at the municipal council meeting. However, the rules of the Ndlambe council state that no emblems, uniforms or other political party paraphernalia is to be worn by councillors when attending council meetings. The rules are the rules, Mr Runeli. Yet it is strange there was no objection at the full council meeting in February when Runeli was inducted as a councillor and was dressed in full regalia.

ESKOM said it would switch off the electricity to Ndlambe yesterday (Wednesday) from 8am to 4pm in order to perform maintenance. Once again, businesses, schools and services would either slow down or come to a complete standstill. But, by midday on Tuesday Eskom had cancelled the planned shutdown. A similar electrical shutdown was planned for the week before but never happened either. Manelec was only informed on Tuesday morning and immediately called TotT to report it. If this is routine maintenance, it is planned, and therefore customers (those who purchase the electricity from Eskom) should be informed sooner so they can make a plan. As a planned activity it would be good customer relations if we were given a heads-up well before the time. Come on Eskom, you are hurting businesses and costing us too much for your service which, at a moment’s notice you can withdraw without discussion or agreement. I don’t know any other business that would treat its customers this way. But the power stayed on, and so we awit the next false alarm about electricity (next time they might actually do it).

HAPPY birthday and good wishes to everyone celebrating such an occasion. Congratulations to Bridget McNeilis, Linda Wedderburn, Nriam Farhaher, Yma van Zyl, Connor Bessinger, Hermaine Kritzinger, Kevin Heny, Christopher Green, Karen Marais, Roy Somers, Twin brothers – David and Bradley Springer, Hugh Taylor, Gordon Gill, Jenny Wallace, Johannes Roos, Paul Probert, Kerri Katz, Clive Pearson, Nelo Stötter, Sharon Thackeray Dove, Ann Green, Loretta Phillips, Beryl Kemp, Craig Griffiths, Catherine Bakaqana, Anne Coleman, Gordon Long, Louise Hoyle, Norah Bennett, Moira Schnehage, Cliff Kemp, Jamie Butt.

BEST wishes and congratulations to the following businesses on their anniversaries and may these lead to even more success in the future. Good luck to Andy’s Service Centre and 24-hour Fresh Stop, Volcanik, Dr Brian Olivier (dentist), and Sunshine Juice.

SOUTH Africa is in a whole lot of trouble as Moody’s, our best friends in the ratings agency game, dropped our financial outlook to negative. They fortunately did not go as far as to drop our rating to the non-investment (junk) status as has S&P and Fitch. Moody’s will be assessing our fiscal policies and our performance over the next three months before issuing its next grading which, if there are no positive signs of a growth in the economy, will be set at a “D” rating (Junk). That will mean that all three internationally recognised ratings agencies are telling investors not to put money into the country. Such a move will potentially throw the country into crisis and many more jobs will be lost as investors withdraw their money and support. SA must wake up to the fact that we need more industry in the country, which will alleviate the 30 to 40% unemployment rate. The government’s tactic of bloating the civil service and creating temporary jobs (like the Expanded Public Works Programme “tourist guides” and ceaners), to make unemployment figures look better did not work and has cost taxpayers billions. There can be no more bailouts for corrupt and poorly managed SOEs. Municipalities need to cut down on salaries and rather use the taxpayers ’ money to provide service. Good service and infrastructure will encourage business and, in turn, employ more people. People need real jobs and we cannot afford to have one person digging a hole while six others stand by and watch him/her. With last year’s figures in brackets for comparison, the Rand was trading at R14.72 to the Dollar (R13.94), R18.96 to the Pound (R18.34), R16.38 to the Euro (R16.02). Commodities such as gold were trading at $1,504.36 per fine ounce ($1,232.42), Platinum was trading at $953.79per ounce ($877.20) with Brent Crude Oil at $62.25 per barrel ($73.18).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are unwell, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. ‘Sterkte’ to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Marian Eaton and Gavin Tessendorf.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations and best wishes to all couples celebrating this special occasion, especially Jan and ElvaNiemand, Richard and Carla Hill, Pierre and Lodine Norden, Barry and Anne Hartley, Gunther and Nola Johannsen, Athol and Cynthia Canny, Paul and Stacey Botha, Malcolm and Shirley Evans.

THOUGHT for the week: “To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace.”

BEST regards as always, The

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